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Transeo Sales and Services business unit offers outsourcing via offshoring to Cebu, Philippines for all your sales programs. We focus in the areas of products suited to virtual phone selling, direct phone sales, targeted appointment setting, and general sales research and investigation programs. We sell your business by focusing on your niche markets, providing insights into the problems you solve and the challenges your products or services overcome.


Transform your business with dedicated Sales Support

Direct Selling

Build your direct sales teams to deliver new sales growth across the Australian, Asia-Pacific, US and Canadian markets. We specialise in selling business to business products or services.

Sales Support

A specialist sales team can support your sales teams to better manage their time and resources. Build your quality sales support teams to allow you to grow faster, get more information out and sell more.

Face to Face

If you don't have the time to spend on the phone you might consider building an appointment setting service. A specialist team can look after your calendar while you're out closing sales and meeting with your customers.

Call to Invite Services

A call to invite service can really assist with gaining the attention and boost attendance for an upcoming events. Inbound and outbound options for marketing and other one-off events, webinars, training or seminars.

Are your sales processes working efficiently?

Our team understand and can meet these challenges

Puzzle of Business Plan Concept.
  • Create Hooks, scripts, build creative sales collateral
  • Engage Through a variety of effective methods
  • Connect Understand your customers needs
  • Discover The problems or challenges
  • Identify A dollarised solution to meet those problems
  • Propose Your solution with killer sales questions
  • Close By turning objections to objectives
  • Payment Processing through automation helps close
  • Service Delivered on time and above expectation
  • Expand Always have a mid-job next-job sales strategy
  • Review Use surveys to gain insight

Sales and Services

Transeo Sales and ServicesTranseo Sales and Marketing Services

Is your business looking to generate more sales and grow? We've created systems and processes to help you communicate with your prospects through a targeted sales approach. Understanding your prospects and the problems or solutions they need helps us to better inform your customers on how they can solve these challenges.

Download our Sales and Services brochure:

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Build your eCommerce systems to sell more

If your business is online we can help your customers find the products they want and help you close more sales.

Sell physical products

Business Catalyst provides built-in inventory management and product attributes. Mark product shipping details like size and weight, and integrate with popular shipping providers.

Sell digital products

Upload digital products and provide optional added security by limiting how many times a customer can download a product or restrict downloads from any IP address.

Easy billing and shipping integration

Business Catalyst automatically integrates with a global range of payment gateways, making online store setup a truly turn-key experience. Start accepting payments today.

Order management, with integrated CRM

Every order created is linked to a unique customer record in your built-in CRM database. Keep a complete history of customer orders and offer customer loyalty bonuses to repeat purchasers.

Seamlessly sync orders with QuickBooks

Many business owners use tools like QuickBooks to manage the accounting side of their business. By using our QuickBooks Web Connector, you can easily sync your Business Catalyst orders with QuickBooks.

Import, export, and migrate your data

BC allows you to import products via a simple spreadsheet format, making migrating your existing database a breeze. Our powerful export tool provides an easy format for backing up your product database.

Email marketing the number 1 channel to develop new business 

Your customers are always interested in learning more about your products or services, we can help deliver your messages.

Manage Subscribers

Using opt in forms allows your prospects the chance to subscribe to the content that they're interested in. Manage your lists and subscribers to deliver the messages best suited to each list.


Develop a theme, create a series, automate the information to be delivered when you want it to be. Give your readers the convenience of having your content delivered right into their inbox.

Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters, email campaigns, or your daily, weekly or monthly free content marketing system allows you to deliver fresh content to your subscibers to keep them informed about your business.

Track Performance

With email marketing you can track your campaigns. Check who's opening and which links are being used. You can use A and B testing to continue to improve your message and gain more responses.

To learn more about how we can help create email marketing campaigns speak with one of our agents Enquire Here.

How Transeo Sales Teams can help grow your company

Your customers are always interested in learning more about your products or services, we can help deliver your messages.

Sales Systems

Whats the best sales system? Find out how you can transform your business and adopt sales systems used by many of the largest companies in the world. Learn from some of the best selling authors and business leaders.

Social Selling

B2B selling has gone social, its a great way for BDMs and other sales people to connect. You'll need a strategy that works, find out how at Transeo we deliver killer sales strategies for LinkedIN and other social networks.

Online Sales Support

Using our telemarketing approach you can support your online sales and provide live customer service via phone. Easily help your customers selec the products or servies that are best suited to their needs.

Choose your market

Choose your target markets and shadow test to prepare to meet your future sales plans. Proven sales systems are what lead to more sales. We match your key solutions to the challenges of your target customers.

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5 Ways To Succeed With TRANSEO

  1. Gain insight into Sales Systems and Strategies
  2. Generate more revenue with a dedicated sales team
  3. Close more sales with our proven sales methods
  4. Get FREE advice for your business
  5. Get the best tools for your growing business







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