Google introduced the concept of the Zero Moment of Truth or ZMOT in 2011. ZMOT is defined as ‘€”the precise moment when they have a need, intent or question they want answered online’. When customers are faced with a need, the first thing they do is grab their phones, and you want to be who they find.  Continue reading →

The recently released 2015 Sensis Social Media report revealed that Australians, on average, own at least three Internet-enable devices: a laptop, a smartphone, and an Ipad or tablet. The survey, covering 1,100 businesses and 800 consumers, further discovered that nearly half of the consumers access social media channels on a daily basis.  Continue reading →

So your social media game plan is all set? That’s great news! Before you confidently declare that you’ve got everything covered, you might like to check out the latest buzz in social media from the month.  Continue reading →

Google Apps for Work - Review

In recent years, many small businesses have benefited greatly from cloud computing due to its efficacy in accomplishing business goals minus the high costs and complexity of maintaining servers. In 2014, Lifehacker Australia named Google Cloud Platform the readers’ choice award for best cloud computing provider. So what exactly is driving small businesses to shift from old client server methodologies to cloud computing such as Google Apps for Work? Let’s take a closer look below!  Continue reading →

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither will your online reputation. Having a stellar reputation on the web will not only guarantee an increase in product sales or traffic to your website but also possibly save your brand in case any negative comments or post that seemingly may pop up out of nowhere.  Continue reading →

Google Plus is a social network like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. According to Digital Trends, this channel accumulates up to 300 million active visitors per month. Although this does not rival the numbers that Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the currently popular channels have, this statistic is still substantial. What these social media networks cannot rival Google plus in are the benefits that it can give your business.   Continue reading →

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