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In more than one way, social media has proven to be an excellent platform in building a brand, marketing a service, or launching new products—given it’s being used wisely, that is. Companies across the world have explored social media to extend their reach and to gain interaction from their audience. 

Knowing what your audience thinks and gaining feedback from your campaigns allow you to determine what steps to take next in establishing your online presence. The truth is, this is not at all a task you can simply delegate to your already hustling marketing department especially if that Marketing department is just you.

Monitoring, conceptualising, researching, community-building, and responding will take up much of your in-house employees’ time and productivity. Hastily posting on your Facebook page, for example, just for the sake of doing so will only lead to unwanted results of being tagged as careless and incompetent. And you may find yourself committing these same mistake across your other social media profiles again and again. Thankfully, this is where social media management comes in.

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To introduce a new product or service to the market place, many companies often entrust an advertising agency to professionally handle the step by step to market process. In doing so, you entrust the outcome of an important element of your brand to experts. Similarly, tapping a professional social media management company will increase your success in building your image online. But can they really seamlessly take care of your needs and be trusted with your brand name? To give you an idea of just what they are capable of doing, here are some of the top things your social media management team can do for you.

1. Less Mistakes, More Time Saved

Using social media as a marketing tool isn’t a trial and error process. Once you post something on your page, it’s as good as final. You may be able to delete or edit the post but you can never erase the fact that between the time you clicked the post button and the moment you realised something was wrong, there can be a number of people who have already seen it. Worse, screen-grabbed it. Getting a professional social media management team will keep you from making such blunders. With highly knowledgeable individuals behind you, every post you make will be well thought out, proofread, screened and go through the appropriate approval channels. Now one thing is for certain by moving at the speed of most social media channels there are bound to be slight mistakes, while minor, its the nature of the beast. As you harness your social media management processes these mistakes will reduce over time. 

Expertise means very slim, to zero, chance of error and a much better time efficiency. Appointing someone within your company to take care of your social media accounts may save you money, but it definitely will not save you time. Get a dedicated community manager to focus entirely on social media management so your in-house employee will spend valuable time focusing on the core areas of your business. Sprout Social, for instance, handles the complicated and nitty-gritty bits and pieces of your online presence with its team of dedicated engineers, designers, marketers, product specialists, and customer service professionals. A diverse combination of experts will keep you from adding another employee or compromising the productivity of your marketing department. 

You can trial Sprout Social for 30 days free here: Sprout Social a social business platform.

2. Response and Results are Gauged Accurately

You religiously update your page with daily posts that you hope would get attention, but how do you know it’s working? With a social management team, you will be able to properly see the result of your online strategy. Ideally, the social media management team you hired will provide you with a monthly report of how your social media platforms are performing in the past weeks. The reports should be comprehensive enough to include vital information on the results of your marketing campaigns, including brand mention, new followers, online traffic, and even ‘likes’. 

Likewise, the reporting and analytics should not only be easily comprehensible, but should also be easy to export and use. The data export that Sprout Social utilises allows you to access the reports in PDF or CSV. As well, Sprout provides analytics reports to accurately gauge your performance in a way that will make sense to your business. 

Sprout Social also enables you to measure your effectiveness, in specific platforms like Facebook and Twitter, with sent message stats. You can know which messages your audiences respond to or which ones reach a larger audience. Online marketing endeavours will only work if you have skilful and trustworthy individual and a platform that share the same goals as you.

3. Stronger and Tailored Content

Maintaining your online presence does not only mean constantly being visible. Much more important is being able to make sense and to act with a purpose every single time. Know, build, and cater to your audience to deliver content that matters. A social media platform management company will help you identify which channels will work best and what materials and approach are most effective in each of the channel. 

Your content should be of substance and tailor-fitted to your brand and market. Likewise, you would want your content to be engaging, people should pay attention to it, and get excited about it. When this happens, make sure you never miss an interaction with your audience. Sprout offers a Smart Inbox that allows you to monitor all your social channels and accounts to keep tabs on social conversation and important message from your audience. You not only discover the good things people say about you, you also oversee complaints and be able to act on them. 

4. Consistent Delivery of Content

Just as important as the gist of your content is the consistency and timeliness of your delivery. You simply cannot be existing one day and be gone the next. As well, you don’t want to overwhelm and flood your audience with all-over-the-place updates. Factors like seasons and even relevant news stories should always be considered in every post. With social media management, you are assured that updates are not only real-time, but its quantity is also just suitable and acceptable enough, depending on which social media platform you are using. 

Sprout has a customised ViralPost® technology that analyses your audience. This tool boosts social engagement and determine the best periods to deliver your content based on content velocity, engagement patterns, and other factors. Sprout Social also allows you to post messages on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter simultaneously. Shortening links, attaching photos, targeting your audience, and customising your posts are done easily with such tool. For effortless scheduling, you can also queue content with Sprout Queue, which publishes automated posts for future delivery. You can conveniently add the content from web or mobile browser so you can streamline your content even while on the go. 

5. Round-the-clock monitoring

The best thing about hiring professionals is you can expect them to be focused 24/7. In the case of social management, its sole focus is managing your social presence. This not only includes constant update on your social media accounts, but also round-the-clock monitoring of brand mention and audience feedback, industry trends, and even competitor checking. 

Crisis-management, for instance, is so much easier with a dedicated social management team. Your hired experts can professionally and discretely deal with an irate customer even before the issue escalates and becomes something the press and public can feast on. 

Moreover, being aware of what people say about your business and products on social media is just as important to your marketing effort as a flour is to any cake recipe. Sprout Social allows you to do this by monitoring relevant brand keywords which will appear in your Smart Inbox. It takes care of interpreting incoming messages for all your connected Twitter profiles. You can also view and gain insight on trending topics, hashtags, and influencers to ultimately detect common customer issue or ascertain the response to your new marketing campaign. 

Let’s Get Social. We will help you set up your Social Media platforms. Contact us and let's have an insightful conversation on how you can streamline and automate your Social Media activities.

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