Using Social Media like a Human

Some people often jump into the social media bandwagon thinking it will be easy as pie and that everything can be automated. Building an online presence and growing an audience is easier said than done. Although automation can be done to a certain degree, too much of it can make your social media posts sound like automated, template posts and you risk alienating an audience you want to engage. If you’re stumped on what to do next, here are some tips on how you can forge more meaningful relationships online by using social media like a human. 

Tap into your sense of humour

Humour is a fun way to engage your audience. Using it, however, can be tricky. You have to make sure that the humour you employ is not offensive. The moment that humour becomes insensitive, netizens will be up in arms and you may even find that social media update has become viral for all the wrong reasons. When using humour, keep in mind that while it must be fun, it should also be informative. Exercise control and be careful when posting humorous updates.

Be Relatable

One of the things that will easily alienate the people who are following is when you use a lot of technical jargon. A lot of people choose to join different social channels because they want to be updated about things they like or be entertained. The moment you start using business-speak or other complicated jargon, you risk losing a substantial part of your following since they can no longer relate to your updates. To communicate better and be more relatable, make use of everyday language that is easy for everyone to understand. 

Be Authentic

Some people make use of social media to reinvent themselves and create completely different personas so far apart from who they truly are. The effort to keep up the pretence however can become taxing and in the long run, updates begin to sound hollow and even automated. If you want to truly engage people, it’s important to be authentic, just like what Genie told Aladdin, “Just bee yourself!” If you are representing your own brand or company, create a unique voice that also reflects some parts of your personality. Capitalise on attributes that you think your audience will appreciate. Part of being authentic includes admitting when you made mistakes and owning up to them. People appreciate honesty and mistakes only mean that you, too, are human. 

Communicate as much as you can

Communication is a two-way street and it is the foundation on which meaningful relationships are built. When using social media, engage people in conversation not just when they need their questions answered. You can interact with them by thanking them or perhaps commenting on posts that you like. Other small gestures like shout outs and shares will also help you build rapport with people and show that your social media persona is not automated but a real person. 

Think Before You Share

People are often quick to share just because something is trending. Before you click share, think about how that post or video or image can be related to your company and what it stands for. Is it completely unrelated and just a piece of viral junk that people won’t remember after it has done its purpose of entertaining? Whatever content you share reflects your company and the values it upholds. When you share something, it should be congruent to your brand so that you can offer value to your customers.

Are you using social media like a human? What steps are you using that is not included in this articles? Do share! For more insights from the Transeo Team please subscribe below.

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