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Twitter is a powerful channel for business. Your customers, your peers and your influencers are on Twitter. The amount of tools available to manage and optimise your Twitter presence is a testament to how useful it is to different areas of business.

We have tried and listed the most popular tools on Twitter, how many of these do you use?


Twitter is a fast paced channel. For small businesses, it is necessary to maintain a level of consistency in terms of posting content. Automate your posts by using social media management platforms. You can schedule your Twitter posts for free on Tweetdeck. If you are using Twitter along with other social media channels for your business, use tools such as Sprout Social, Buffer or Hootsuite. These tools have monthly fees, but you get several other useful features including reports, analytics and Zendesk integration.

Link shorteners

With 140 character limit, shortened links are essential to help you get your point across to your followers. While bitly and can be used in other social media platforms, it is often a necessity on Twitter. They do not only help you with the character limit, shortened links also give you information about the people clicking your tweets such as location, the time the link was clicked and the browsers and platforms used.


Images get 30% more engagement on Twitter than any other content. With this in mind, tools for image creation and editing should be high up your list of essentials. Adobe products - Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator are still the best products in terms of design capability and quality.

If you have not mastered Adobe yet, try your hand at Canva. They provide ready to use templates, fonts and images that can be used for Twitter and other social media channels.


How are you faring on Twitter? How are your tweets engaging with your tweets? Find out using these analytics tools that you can use for Twitter.

  • My Top Tweets - If you want to know what your audience like, enter your username to see your most retweeted and favorited tweets. You can also use other people’s usernames if you want to keep tabs on your team, influencers or competitors.
  • Social Bro - You can track your followers Twitter activities. Keep stock of the most engaged users - people with the most number of followers and most tweets. Another attractive feature of Social Bro is that its is able to determine when your top 100 followers are most active.
  • Klout - How do you rank compared to everybody else on social media? You can find that number on Klout. This tool takes stock of your social media profile and assigns a Klout score which represents your influence.

Content Curation

Content curation should be in your game plan on Twitter. Sharing content from influencers and other trusted sources helps your audience find the content that has value for them. There are many tools that you can use to curate the best content, the following three stand out to us:

  • Topsy - When you type in a keyword on topsy, it comes back to you with the top tweets on the topic. It also gives you an idea on the engagement that keyword has earned by showing how many tweets are generated over the past hour, week, month and even from the beginning of time.
  • - This tool lets you know related hashtags surrounding a word. It selects the most used hashtag online. For example, if I type in ‘social’, brings me back other related hashtags such as brand, SEO, influence, leadership, media, marketing, Auto Tweet, video and live.
  • Buzzsumo - Curate the content that your audience like. Buzzsumo gives you the top content for the keywords that you put in. Read our full review on Buzzsumo here.


Twitter is not a one-way street. If you have been using it in a while, you will realise that it is more of a busy highway. Millions of users use it at once and there are numerous conversations happening as you are reading this blog. To start and continue engagement on Twitter can chew up your time easily. You need tools to help you streamline the process.

  • Tweetchat - See the Twitter events and chats that are currently active. This tool helps you find the conversations that matter to your business. It also helps you manage previous conversations and start your own events.
  • Beatstrap - This is a live tweeting tool. Your team can use this to live tweet events and monitor conversations. you can also embed the live updates on a blog page so your audience can view them in one place.


Spot check your Twitter posts for unintentional spelling and grammar mistakes. Grammarly has both free and paid accounts that tell you when you have missed a needed punctuation and suggests a correction.

Growing your followers

Crowdfire, formerly JustUnfollow, is one of the most popular tools for Twitter. Crowdfire is effective in growing and managing followers. We tried Crowdfire and here is what we think.

There are many tools that are available to make your business’ Twitter worthwhile. Did we miss something really good? Share it in the comments below.

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