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A Call to Action - In Part 4 of 6 - we discuss telemarketing and how cold calling works. If you’ve spent any time telemarketing yourself you know it just doesn’t work right? Well you’re right, you’re selling and they’re not buying! Finding a customer in the buying mode is totally hit and miss. Usually you waste your time and someone else’s time. While we run some cold calling campaigns (rarely). There’s a better way!

In this call to action series we’ve covered understanding your market and given you a few ideas of how to get in touch with your future customers. How to transform your sales process and then importantly how your leads can start turning up gold. Well you’ve most likely hand delivered 500 or so flyers over the last month, or you've kickstarted an email marketing campaign, you've begun blogging, possibly trialling social media to position yourself as an expert. Better still your inbound programs maybe starting to show some promise, more than likely and hopefully you’re leads are trickling in. However you’re most likely still going to have to call on some of those companies to make sure they know about your product or service and how it can best help their business.

At this stage you’ll clearly know why this customer should be doing business with you and you’ll be armed with your dollarised approached to offering the prospect the insights they require to peak there interest. When you move to the telemarketing phase or outbound sales phase if that's one sales pipeline you are using, then you’re going to be prepared.

Here’s how to make it work effectively:

1. Deliver your targeted audience a clear message

2. Use combinations of Email Flyers and Local Flyers to get your message out

3. Have a fax back option on your flyers, or a call in promo code with a limited time offer

4. Run an email marketing campaign at the same time to open a third pipelines

5. Use campaign trackers which are a great tool to view “Opens” and “Click-thrus”

6. Guage your “Call to Action” and be ready to improve if needed

7. Introduce your Telemarketing for Customers who respond or open your email

8. Understand your prospects business and apply your offer to their challenges

9. Complete an investigation of the businesses challenges and offer a dollarised solution

10. Have a killer sales question ready - “Have you got your appointment calendar handy”? 

How do you engage with cold prospects if they haven't seen any information:

This takes confidence and a full understanding of your prospect, otherwise you'll waste their time.
You can work on these talking points:

"Hello Mr Customer, this is Adam Mole from Transeo, what Id like to discuss with you briefly is a very straight forward opportunity, do you have 60 seconds to hear about the cost benefit analysis Ive done for your business"

"Hello Mr Customer, last week we sent through an email outlining how our business services are likely to impact your bottom line by approx $27,000 over the next 12 months, Id like to gain your permission to continue with our cost benefit analysis"

"Hello Mr Customer, this is Adam Mole from Transeo, I spoke with June your secretary last week and she informed me that you would likely be interested in the plan we've put together to better improve your buying processes and save you $500 a month over your existing systems"

Always move to a closing question, when the prospect allows you proceed, and always be thankful:

"Thanks for the opportunity to proceed, we recently completed a similar project for company abc, what id like to do is schedule a meeting with you, bring along our case study and show you in person how this solution is a good fit for your business, do you have your appointment calendar handy"

For additional information when your sending messages you can use:

Website subscriptions and newsletters to add extra value so customers view you as a resource. When you build quality products and services, and you have happy customers, you can offer these customers additional resources like help desks, free content subscriptions to further position your business and you as an expert.

We’d like to credit best selling author Jeffrey J. Fox of “How to become a Rainmaker” for the killer sales question above. If you’re serious about sales then this book is right for you.

Here’s Our Call To Action: You can have every success working with telemarketing in an efficient, effective and profitable way. Send us the challenge you're having with your cold calling and we’ll include some key telemarketing techniques that you can use to open more doors, set more appointments and close more sales.

Good luck out there and good selling!
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