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If you’ve been tinkering on social media for a while, you’ll get to be familiar with the various types of material that is shared often, if not all the time. In fact, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that visual content plays a big part in increasing engagement with your audience. Coming up with imagery that is striking enough to strike a chord and become viral, is another story. And this is where people often make the misstep in their social media campaign. 

When it comes to creating content, many often think quantity is better than quality. This used to be the trend with spun SEO-driven articles but with the recent google updates, quality trumps over quantity. The same is true with visual content. Just because you’ve figured out that images is the way to go through social media, you can’t churn out one image after another if they are all going to be of mediocre quality. What you need is a strategy on how to create visual content that will make an impact and make people click that share button. To help you get started, here are a few types of visual content that are frequently shared and how you can utilize them. 

High Quality Photos

Photos have been shared and reshared over and over again, sometimes, it’s hard to tell where each originally came from. Still people will know if you’re using a staple stock photo that is oozing with cheesiness. If you want powerful visuals, go easy on the cheese and focus more on what would pack an emotional punch. Utilizing high quality stock photos can help you take the first step.

Stock photography is a favorite among shares but only high quality ones can help your brand gain credibility. Not only that, the images have to be carefully selected to reflect what your brand stands for. This attention to relevance in turn helps to build your reputation and increase engagement with your intended market. If paid stock photos are starting to look generic, you can explore free stock photography, which has a wide range of original content.  
Authentic Photos
One surefire way of connecting to your audience on a deeper level is by being authentic. Real images like personal or behind-the-scenes photos show the human side of your brand that people will be able to relate with. A great example of this is Victoria Beckham, the equally famous half of David Beckham. Despite having a successful clothing empire under her belt, she continues to work hard, juggling quality time with family and business commitments. Her instagram pics show her at work or with her family, which at times reveal a sense of humor hidden behind her often unsmiling exterior. 

Posting behind-the-scenes photos of your workplace will show your audience an intimate glimpse inside your company, what the employees are like, and what makes it a great place to be part of. 


People often have short attention spans when going through social media. Long posts are usually skimmed but it’s on the visuals where they usually linger. Infographics takes advantage of this by breaking down complex information and compressing important pieces with graphics to make social media posts more interesting. The best part is, you’re also offering new information in an easy-to-understand format. 

The only problem of infographics is that a lot of companies have joined the infographic bandwagon and are producing them almost as quickly as spun articles. This type of visual content, however, require thorough research coupled with arresting visuals in order to capture the attention of your audience and entice them to share your posts. Remember the importance of quality when it comes to sharing visual content? If your infographic is mediocre, it will likely be ignored rather than shared. 

Quotes in Images

Quotes are already powerful enough in themselves, but when paired with the perfect image, it delivers twice the impact. The best part about this visual imagery is that it is highly shareable on most social media networks from facebook to twitter to instagram and pinterest. When creating this type of content, it’s not just about choosing the right image and quote. The font also matters. The one you choose should be easy to read on smaller screens like the one on your mobile phone. When it comes to choosing quotes, shorter ones are easier to digest. Short quotes also complement your image, allowing your audience to ponder on the imagery after reading the words of the quote. 

What other types of visual content have you noticed on social media? Under what category do cat pics belong to?

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