Twitter Analytics for small business

Analytics is using data to evaluate results and using this information to predict future behaviour. Businesses use this to create a strategy, lower risks, implement campaigns efficiently, and measure success. When using Twitter or any social media channel, marketers need to set measurable goals and use analytics to see if the results measure up.

The importance of Twitter analytics

  • Gain inside knowledge about your audience and their behavior towards your marketing.
  • Enables your business to create more efficient and streamlined marketing action plans,
  • Minimise wasted marketing costs.
  • Use data to drive more targeted traffic and increase revenue.

Twitter analytics

Twitter analytics is a tool that is used to measure twitter activity and how other users engage with it. Twitter analytics, which started out as an exclusive paid tool, is now open for everybody and has more insights than ever. Because this tool is by Twitter, it gives you more insights to follower engagement that other third party provider cannot.

What makes an engagement?

Twitter is all about engagement. You want to share content that resonates with your audience. You want to be identified as someone who posts content that adds value. What makes up an engagement? First we need to look at these three terms:

  • Impressions - The number of times users saw the tweet on Twitter.
  • Engagements - The number of times that a user has interacted with a tweet including retweets, replies, follows and favorites. This also includes clicks on hashtags, links, avatar, username and tweet expansion.
  • Engagement rate -The number of engagement divided by the number of impressions.

Engagement is different from impressions because not everyone who has seen your tweet engages with you. A high engagement rate is a good sign. It means your followers are interacting with your content. End of story? Absolutely not. Looking at the type of engagement can give you more insight. On Twitter, there are three types of engagement - Favorite, Retweet and Reply. The type of engagement that you get from your followers tell a story.

  • Favorite - Your follower appreciates your post. This is similar to the Facebook like or a virtual high five.
  • Retweet - Your follower thinks that your post provides value. They think that their own set of followers will find your tweet entertaining or informative, or both, unless indicated otherwise in the RT comment.
  • Reply - Your follower wants to continue the conversation with you. Replies could be an opinion or a question. It can also be positive or negative, but this is an invitation for you to further engage with your audience.

Other cool ways to use Twitter Analytics

Top tweet and top media tweet - The tweet that has earned the most engagement. this gives you an insight on the type of content that works. If you are planning to spend marketing budget on promoting a tweet, this is a useful source of insight as to the type of tweet to bank on.

Buyer persona - The followers dashboard helps you get to know your followers. Analytics offers more information than ever on your followers and it is up to you to see which ones are the most valuable. Information such as gender, monthly income, TV genres, educational background, consumer buyer styles are just some of the stats available to you.

Location - Twitter analytics breaks down the percentage of your followers by country and by region. This is a helpful insight to scheduling tweets so you know what time your audience uses Twitter the most.

Followers' top 10 interests - Go to the Followers tab on Twitter analytics. Under interests, you can get insights on topics that your followers are into. This is a great source of ideas for the type of content that you can produce and share. This also gives you a hint to whether you are attracting the ‘right’ followers for your business.

Twitter analytics is one of the most insightful social media tools that small business can use. What is your favorite Twitter analytics function?

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