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What is a payment gateway? A payment gateway is the processing function required to process an online payment and is needed for any online business to be able to process payments securely. The Adobe Business Catalyst system comes standard with a range of gateway options pre-built and ready to set up for your online business.  Continue reading →


The success of a website depends on how popular it is. One way you can improve your website is to provide the right tools for users to easily share articles, blogs and even other page content.  Continue reading →

Adobe Business Catalyst (BC) gained a lot of positive attention shortly after it was released back in 2004 that a mere four years later, the company was able to open its first international office in San Francisco, California. Also known as Silicon Valley is home to several of the largest tech corporations in the world, including Google, Apple Inc., and Facebook.  Continue reading →

You think you’re ready to build that new website you’ve been thinking about? The new website that's going to help you convert more of your audience to paying customers, keep them better informed and help you grow your business online. Thats great! Now how you plan your website development project makes all the difference in how long it actually will take to build. Plan carefully, be prepared, then let put your plan into action to launch that fantastic new site for your business.  Continue reading →

It was in December of 2001 when attained profitability. Between 2002 and 2003, eBay grew by acquiring PayPal for $1.5 billion, and posted its first annual profit. Clearly, the turn of the 21st century was the beginning of the age of online business. Indeed, the following decade saw the creation of numerous different online tools for websites, all of which promised to ensure your online success. Among the best online tools that small-scale business owners should consider is Adobe Business Catalyst (BC).  Continue reading →

Small Business Blog

Are you a small business owner, entrepreneur or marketing executive? If you are then you’re going to enjoy what our team has on offer in our new Transeo Blog Series.  Continue reading →

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