Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither will your online reputation. Having a stellar reputation on the web will not only guarantee an increase in product sales or traffic to your website but also possibly save your brand in case any negative comments or post that seemingly may pop up out of nowhere.  Continue reading →

How to Tweet Better

There are many factors that create a ‘perfect’ or ‘viral’ tweet. For example, tweets by a celebrity often get shared because of the person posting it. Funny one-liners are popular on Twitter. Links, images and other rich media also attracts more engagement than plain text. For your business, it is important that tweets posted are aligned with your overall strategy and show a personal side of your brand, you can promote your products or services as well as to converse with your customers.   Continue reading →
There is an abundance of tools out there that you can use to manage your accounts. While it will take an entire book to outline all of them, here are the leading few that you should start using.   Continue reading →

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