One of Twitter’s most valuable features is it’s follow button. On Twitter, users are able to opt-in to receive updates on your twitter feed without you mutually following. As a brand, it is important that you are followed by people who can help you grow your business as well as become a follower of Twitter users that you can learn from.  Continue reading →

Are you having conversations on Twitter? Or do you feel like talking to yourself? To get the most out of Twitter, you need to use its engagement capabilities.  Continue reading →


The rate at which technology has been advancing has quickened to such an astonishing degree in the past few years, it doesn’t take long for recent creations to develop beyond their original purpose. Take for example Crowdfire.  Continue reading →

The word brand has long been associated with companies and products. Nowadays, the term is also associated with people. How do you want people to think of you? What adjectives do you want to be associated with your name. What subjects do you want to be viewed as an expert of? The answers to these questions comprise your personal brand.  Continue reading →

Technology has made it easier for customers and companies to connect. As a result, the bar is raised for the level of service expectations that your customers have. There are many tools that you can utilise to encourage open communication between your company and your customer. Aside from the phone, email or chat service, you can also take advantage of social media channels such as Twitter.  Continue reading →

Influencers are individuals with the power to affect the buying decisions of others. They can generate interest on a product or service by endorsing it. Are they celebrities? Some, yes! Celebrities can be influencers and influencers may earn their celebrity. Generally influencers need not be an A-lister to affect decision making.  Continue reading →

Twitter’s growing number of users is proof that it is an essential social media channel for business. Companies and consumers are active on Twitter. There are many strategies a small business can employ and implement on Twitter. A good way to start are these 10 actionable tips that you can do now.  Continue reading →

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