As a small business owner you’ll soon realise that blogging is one of the most essential forms of communication you can have to better position your business in the niche market you serve. While most business owners are working tirelessly to grow new relationships, finding time to create a platform for your voice to be heard couldn’t be any more important.  Continue reading →


Posting content to social media networks to engage with one’s target audience takes commitment and is harder than might be assumed. There are various factors you should consider to catch and hold the interest of your chosen demographic successfully.  Continue reading →

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit then you’re likely thinking about starting a business or you’re already putting your plans into effect to get your business startup off the ground. All startup businesses require a great deal of planning, from idea to market, to profitability.  Continue reading →

Influencers are individuals with the power to affect the buying decisions of others. They can generate interest on a product or service by endorsing it. Are they celebrities? Some, yes! Celebrities can be influencers and influencers may earn their celebrity. Generally influencers need not be an A-lister to affect decision making.  Continue reading →

You read and hear about it almost everywhere -- social media is where everything happens. If you’re not on it, you may be missing quite a lot of things including the recent news on how Taylor Swift’s open letter (posted on her Tumblr) to Apple made history.  Continue reading →

Twitter’s growing number of users is proof that it is an essential social media channel for business. Companies and consumers are active on Twitter. There are many strategies a small business can employ and implement on Twitter. A good way to start are these 10 actionable tips that you can do now.  Continue reading →

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