If you have an entrepreneurial spirit then you’re likely thinking about starting a business or you’re already putting your plans into effect to get your business startup off the ground. All startup businesses require a great deal of planning, from idea to market, to profitability.  Continue reading →

The Internet is changing the world in more ways than any fiction novelist could have ever imagined. Take for example, commerce. Virtually anyone now can buy or sell a good or service from anywhere on the globe as long as they have a computer and access to the web. This activity is referred to as e-Commerce.   Continue reading →

Jeffrey J. Fox a best selling author defines a rainmaker as a salesperson who brings in revenue for his company. In his book, How to Become a Rainmaker, he highlights the 10 pre-call planning checklist rainmakers use before going into a sales meeting. Below are these 10 valuable points and our insights on it.  Continue reading →

9 Keys To Fast Sales Growth

Series: A Call to Action - Part 6 of 6 - Welcome back to the final issue in the series “A Call To Action”. We hope you've found the series of some benefit to date and that your sales are headed in the right direction.  Continue reading →

Use Telemarketing Effectively

A Call to Action - In Part 4 of 6 - we discuss telemarketing and how cold calling works. If you’ve spent any time telemarketing yourself you know it just doesn’t work right? Well you’re right, you’re selling and they’re not buying! Finding a customer in the buying mode is totally hit and miss. Usually you waste your time and someone else’s time. While we run some cold calling campaigns (rarely). There’s a better way!  Continue reading →

Welcome back to Part 2 of our "A Call to Action" Series for entrepreneurs, startup business owners and B2B Sales people looking to generate more sales and build on what's working. In Part 1 of this series we looked at creating a hook, how to start with an MBP and then adapt that into a product that hits the sales numbers and has you heading on the road to pass your "break even numbers".  Continue reading →

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