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 What inspires leadership in others? Is there a recipe to create leaders or are people simply born leaders? From experience leaders learn to lead, from family, past experience, as they follow others they learn from and great leaders pass on better traits to those that interact with. While some may posses natural born leadership skills, most have to work at being a better leader every day.  Continue reading →

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit then you’re likely thinking about starting a business or you’re already putting your plans into effect to get your business startup off the ground. All startup businesses require a great deal of planning, from idea to market, to profitability.  Continue reading →

Transeo Views on Outsourcing to South AfricaIn March this year I had the great privilege of being invited by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) South Africa to attend the 2015 Trade Mission as one of the Australian delegates. It was an experience I’ll never forget and one that started back some 6 months earlier.  Continue reading →

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither will your online reputation. Having a stellar reputation on the web will not only guarantee an increase in product sales or traffic to your website but also possibly save your brand in case any negative comments or post that seemingly may pop up out of nowhere.  Continue reading →

Business has always been social. Entrepreneurs in the past relied heavily on feedback from their peers and their customers. A decade ago, this feedback was either gathered by direct contact, via third party surveys or what every business tries to dodge, bad publicity.  Continue reading →

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