Since the inception of Twitter in 2006, users of the social media platform have spawned billions of tweets on innumerable subjects ranging from the mundane to those relevant to public interest. On a per minute basis alone, over 350,000 tweets are being sent out. This staggering number not only has a rapid growth rate, but fluctuates and spikes significantly depending on trending topics across the globe.  Continue reading →


The rate at which technology has been advancing has quickened to such an astonishing degree in the past few years, it doesn’t take long for recent creations to develop beyond their original purpose. Take for example Crowdfire.  Continue reading →


Posting content to social media networks to engage with one’s target audience takes commitment and is harder than might be assumed. There are various factors you should consider to catch and hold the interest of your chosen demographic successfully.  Continue reading →


Using images for marketing works wonders: currently, tweets with images receive nearly 20 percent more clicks, almost 90 percent more favorites, and over 100 more re-tweets than tweets that have no images; engagement with posts bearing photos make up more than 85 percent of the total interactions on Facebook; more than a third of business-to-business (B2B) buyers share infographics via social media frequently.  Continue reading →


The web is now the foremost avenue for engaging with new and existing customers. Businesses without an online marketing, connection building and engagement strategy are quickly being left behind. For small businesses, quality content is how they can differentiate and position their business as an expert in their niche.  Continue reading →

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