What inspires leadership in others? Is there a recipe to create leaders or are people simply born leaders? From experience leaders learn to lead, from family, past experience, as they follow others they learn from and great leaders pass on better traits to those that interact with. While some may posses natural born leadership skills, most have to work at being a better leader every day.  Continue reading →

Most companies we talk to about outsourcing to the Philippines generally think Virtual Assistant first. They start with the idea that maybe they could free up more time if they added a VA. The term VA is a terribly bad representation of what an actual assistant does and is capable of.  Continue reading →

Transeo Views on Outsourcing to South AfricaIn March this year I had the great privilege of being invited by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) South Africa to attend the 2015 Trade Mission as one of the Australian delegates. It was an experience I’ll never forget and one that started back some 6 months earlier.  Continue reading →

Transeo Startups This WaYWhat's the magic ingredient for growing a B2B media company or any other B2B company for that matter? If your small business is offering services to other small businesses, or if you’re focusing on servicing the bigger fish, these seven strategies for growth might just do the trick.  Continue reading →

Small Business Blog

Are you a small business owner, entrepreneur or marketing executive? If you are then you’re going to enjoy what our team has on offer in our new Transeo Blog Series.  Continue reading →

Cebu City from Waterfront HotelWhen we first started out in this business you might realise that like most offshore startups there is a certain amount of virtual contact required. What you probably didn’t know is that when we started out I hadn't personally met any of our staff and all of our communication up until this point was entirely virtual. That might seem a little unusual but with the right levels of respect, good communication, a little technology know how, a good plan, really anything is possible. All you need is a will to find a better way to get the job done.   Continue reading →

Why Social Media Management

In more than one way, social media has proven to be an excellent platform in building a brand, marketing a service, or launching new products—given it’s being used wisely, that is. Companies across the world have explored social media to extend their reach and to gain interaction from their audience.   Continue reading →

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