Modern entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. There’s the work-at-home mom who makes a living via Etsy, the professional Instagrammer (yes, there is indeed such a career!) like Australian photographer Lauren Bath, and the sweet ten-year old selling lemonade in your neighborhood.  Continue reading →

If you were given an option to choose between working in a high paying job (that resembles a production line) and a lower paying one (but that makes each employee feel valued), which would you most likely choose?  Continue reading →

It was in December of 2001 when attained profitability. Between 2002 and 2003, eBay grew by acquiring PayPal for $1.5 billion, and posted its first annual profit. Clearly, the turn of the 21st century was the beginning of the age of online business. Indeed, the following decade saw the creation of numerous different online tools for websites, all of which promised to ensure your online success. Among the best online tools that small-scale business owners should consider is Adobe Business Catalyst (BC).  Continue reading →

Transeo Startups This WaYWhat's the magic ingredient for growing a B2B media company or any other B2B company for that matter? If your small business is offering services to other small businesses, or if you’re focusing on servicing the bigger fish, these seven strategies for growth might just do the trick.  Continue reading →

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Are you a small business owner, entrepreneur or marketing executive? If you are then you’re going to enjoy what our team has on offer in our new Transeo Blog Series.  Continue reading →

The Internet is changing the world in more ways than any fiction novelist could have ever imagined. Take for example, commerce. Virtually anyone now can buy or sell a good or service from anywhere on the globe as long as they have a computer and access to the web. This activity is referred to as e-Commerce.   Continue reading →

An eBook is a content asset that every online business or small business owner should invest in. Some business owners may be hesitant to write an eBook saying ‘I’m not a writer’ or ‘ I don’t have time to do it’. eBooks need not to be long and they also don’t need to consist of purely text. Also, with the right talents and resources, you can have your eBook written and put together for you.   Continue reading →

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