Did you just click a catchy headline of what you thought was an article filled with good content but it turned out to be a dull article anyway? We’ve been there as well and this is why the Transeo editorial team rounds up five recent articles every last Saturday of the month that are by turns insightful, thought-provoking, and helpful for business owners and entrepreneurs in their mission to become better at their craft.   Continue reading →

Adobe Business Catalyst shipping options

 One of the more important aspects of an eCommerce service is shipping products to customers. The main problem we’ve seen is that most platforms are not built to handle eCommerce without using third party plugins and you need to have the technical skills to integrate these external services providers into a website platform.  Continue reading →

Which came first - is it the chicken or the egg? Are entrepreneurs born or made? While the world has not fully come to a conclusion yet to the chicken-or-egg dilemma, Australian serial entrepreneur slash philanthropist Creel Price had it all figured out in answering the second aforementioned age-old question. Price is totally convinced that entrepreneurship has nothing to do with genes at all and he has made it his mission to spur a socioeconomic revolution worldwide through a movement he refers to as entreprennaisance.  Continue reading →

 Content Marketing, to us, is a discovery and storytelling journey. It is about creating company stories and weaving those into the messages we deliver to our customers - where we came from, the challenges we have overcome and where we are heading - and then using everything that we have learned from them to help others. Through content marketing, we are able to say, this is who we are. This is how we fit with your business. Would you like to work with us?  Continue reading →

Customer Service

In his New York Times bestselling book The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More published in 2008, Chris Anderson (former editor-in-chief of Wired magazine) wrote that “Diamonds can be found everywhere”. A year later, James Lillis of Brisbane, Australia found a diamond mine through a cheap piece of nylon cloth. Black Milk Clothing, now a multi-million dollar clothing empire, was eventually born.  Continue reading →

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit then you’re likely thinking about starting a business or you’re already putting your plans into effect to get your business startup off the ground. All startup businesses require a great deal of planning, from idea to market, to profitability.  Continue reading →

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