Jeffrey J. Fox a best selling author defines a rainmaker as a salesperson who brings in revenue for his company. In his book, How to Become a Rainmaker, he highlights the 10 pre-call planning checklist rainmakers use before going into a sales meeting. Below are these 10 valuable points and our insights on it.  Continue reading →

7 key sales pipelines

Series: A Call to Action - Part 5 of 6Are your pipelines bursting at the seams? Creating multi-sales-channels or pipelines is a method used to grow businesses quickly. If you have just one channel or pipeline then you are limited to the success through one singular channel.   Continue reading →

Use Telemarketing Effectively

A Call to Action - In Part 4 of 6 - we discuss telemarketing and how cold calling works. If you’ve spent any time telemarketing yourself you know it just doesn’t work right? Well you’re right, you’re selling and they’re not buying! Finding a customer in the buying mode is totally hit and miss. Usually you waste your time and someone else’s time. While we run some cold calling campaigns (rarely). There’s a better way!  Continue reading →

Are Your Leads Turning Up Gold?

Where are all the good leads? You’ve probably heard the saying “These leads are no good”? Most likely shouted across the sales floor by a sales guy that hasn’t closed an account in months, right? You may have even seen the great Sales "hot-shot" scene in the movie "Glengarry, Glen Ross."  Continue reading →

As a business owner and entrepreneur building a small business using Social Media I discovered that the sales processes were very different from the traditional sales methods, like cold calling and face to face meetings, to building inbound opportunities that Social Media offered.  Continue reading →

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