The success of a website depends on how popular it is. One way you can improve your website is to provide the right tools for users to easily share articles, blogs and even other page content.  Continue reading →

You can’t write one blog and expect it to go viral. Creating content is only one part of the job, the other part is delivering it to your audiences’ screens. Twitter is one of the best ways to maximise your content through promotion and engagement.  Continue reading →

 Content Marketing, to us, is a discovery and storytelling journey. It is about creating company stories and weaving those into the messages we deliver to our customers - where we came from, the challenges we have overcome and where we are heading - and then using everything that we have learned from them to help others. Through content marketing, we are able to say, this is who we are. This is how we fit with your business. Would you like to work with us?  Continue reading →

Writer's play an important role in content marketing. The blogs you read, the videos you watch, and all the other types of media out there were created from good written content. Producing excellent content begins with selecting good quality writers.  Continue reading →

A blog is both a noun and a verb. As a noun, it is a collection of entries by one or more individuals. A blog may reflect one's interests, ideas, opinions, and expertise. As a verb, it means to write entries or add material to a blog.  Continue reading →

Writing an outline

The internet has made it easy for most of us to find content. We can type in a keyword and thousands of search results automatically flood our screen. More than ever, it is necessary for companies to produce valuable content that stands out from all of the clutter across the web,that audiences can learn from and relate to.  Continue reading →

Content Marketing is a buzzword that’s been around for quite a while and the companies that have transitioned to it can attest to the value that it adds to the business and to the customer experience.  Continue reading →

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