The idea of personal branding is relatively new. With the help of the different social media platforms, personal branding has changed the course of marketing. Traditionally, products are the sole focus of a marketing strategy. Nowadays consumers are looking for the faces behind the product and behind the brand. It is no longer enough to say that something is good. It is now essential to point out who is saying that it is.  Continue reading →

Everyone has something to say on the world wide web and finding a gem of an article over hordes of blog posts, news stories, and social media posts published each day may prove to be a challenge. Hence, the Transeo editorial team will round up five evergreen articles every last Saturday of the month that are by turns timely and practical for business owners and entrepreneurs.  Continue reading →

Adobe Business Catalyst shipping options

 One of the more important aspects of an eCommerce service is shipping products to customers. The main problem we’ve seen is that most platforms are not built to handle eCommerce without using third party plugins and you need to have the technical skills to integrate these external services providers into a website platform.  Continue reading →

 Content Marketing, to us, is a discovery and storytelling journey. It is about creating company stories and weaving those into the messages we deliver to our customers - where we came from, the challenges we have overcome and where we are heading - and then using everything that we have learned from them to help others. Through content marketing, we are able to say, this is who we are. This is how we fit with your business. Would you like to work with us?  Continue reading →


 In today’s paperless business world more and more businesses are moving to digital signatures for documents that require a legally binding signature. While some bureaucracies and other legally minded sectors of the industry are dragging the chain, more than 50 million users in 188 countries are using DocuSign for electronic signatures.  Continue reading →

Survey Monkey

SurveyMonkey is a popular online survey software tool that gives businesses a way to generate responses, in the form of customisable questionnaires, from a target audience. With a free services model that can have you up and running in a short time, SurveyMonkey is a powerful tool for any small business.  Continue reading →

The Internet is a vast wonderland of information and it’s not uncommon to find yourself down the endless rabbit hole of blogs, articles, videos, and of course, cat gifs! Hence, the Transeo editorial team will round up five recent articles every last Saturday of the month that are by turns insightful, thought-provoking and helpful for business owners and entrepreneurs in their mission to become better at their craft. This series will cover trends, tips, hacks, and stories that will instantly inspire and drive you to take immediate action in an area of your business or life in general. After all, knowledge is certainly power.  Continue reading →

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