Social Media Month in Review - October

Keeping tabs on the juicy new updates from various social media platforms could be quite a headache. After all, the Social Network of Things is one fickle diva who gives itself a makeover anytime it wants to. For this month, we’ve got you covered as we deliver the latest scoop on social media news and updates today!


Facebook introduced three new major changes for the past month plus there’s one rumor floating around!

First, Facebook Notes is officially back! While the change itself has been rolled out for several users last August, the announcement last September 25 made it official. The now-resurrected Notes has new features such as adding cover photos, captioning and resizing attached images, and text formatting options. The clean, minimalist layout is strikingly similar to that of Medium’s.

In another update rolled out two days before the Notes announcement, Facebook declared: Starting today, 360-degree videos will begin rolling out in News Feed . While it’s still in its infancy of development, this new feature is an excellent tool for content creators who wish to provide their audiences with videos as if they are physically in it too. “Imagine watching 360 videos of a friend’s vacation to a small village in France or a festival in Brazil — you’ll be able to look around and experience it as if you were there,” describes Engineering Director for Video Maher Saba.

For the third update, Facebook advertisers are squealing in delight as the social media giant announced in a blog post not just one but two new features that will help measure ad viewability. First, Facebook is now offering marketers the option to pay for ads only when the entire ad has passed through the user’s screen. The second announcement has to do with their recent partnership with Moat, an analytics company who will help independently measure how often a Facebook promo was seen.

And as for the rumor, Mark Zuckerberg hinted that a Dislike button may be coming out soon. In Zuckerberg’s words, "Not every moment is a good moment” and the Dislike button is one good way to display empathy. Although this potential feature is still on the works for a select few, the introduction of a Dislike button worldwide can have serious ramifications on content marketing and analytics.


Twitter is getting bolder by the minute with the following updates!

The 140-character limit to your tweets will soon be over! Following the removal of the 140-character limit from Direct Messages last June, Twitter is now looking into building and offering a new product that will give users freedom to tweet beyond the 140-character limit. As Re/code reported, “It has been a topic of discussion internally at Twitter for years, according to multiple sources, and has resurfaced in recent months under interim CEO Jack Dorsey as the company has been exploring new ways to grow its user base.”

Meanwhile, last September 15, Twitter announced in their blog that they are teaming up with Square to allow anyone in the US to donate to any 2016 election candidate through a tweet. “This is the fastest, easiest way to make an online donation, and the most effective way for campaigns to execute tailored digital fundraising, in real time, on the platform where Americans are already talking about the 2016 election and the issues they are passionate about,” Twitter’s Head of Political Advertising Sales Jenna Golden wrote.

Several users (Twitter staff and a few verified accounts) have also reported new features in their Twitter account - polls! This is definitely something to look forward to once it will be rolled out across the Twitterverse.


Aside from recently celebrating a record gain of more than 400 million active users, brands and businesses of all sizes from 30 countries can now run their ad campaigns on Instagram!

In an announcement, the photo-sharing platform explained, “People come to Instagram for visual inspiration, and advertising on Instagram has the power to touch, inspire and move people. Instagram ads have proven to drive strong branding results—97% of measured campaigns on Instagram have generated significant lifts in ad recall.” Additional capabilities were also announced including landscape video, video ads of up to 30 seconds in length, and a new premium product Marquee.


The "crazy long, indecipherable reblog chain” in Tumblr just got itself a makeover!

In a blog post, the Yahoo-owned microblogging site declared that reblogs are now more pleasing to the eye - one that showcases all comments as equals, not buried under an impossible stack of blockquote indents .

Hurrah for replies and comments that are a breeze to navigate and read!


Let’s give Pinterest a fist-pump in the air as they just reached 100 million monthly users!

The platform further boasted that number of searches on Pinterest has increased to 81 percent in the last year, too, which means even more Pinners are looking for your products and services to make their future plans a reality.

A week after their milestone announcement, Pinterest also announced that their APIs are already open for developers to come up with new apps and third-party integrations.


Snapchat’s recent updates are not to be overlooked as well!

Its newest feature Lenses allows users to incorporate special effects such as spitting out rainbows in their selfies. Lenses, according to the folks at Snapchat, will be updated regularly so be on the lookout for these!

In addition to rainbow-spitting snaps, three extra replays are now possible for 99 cents. In their announcement, Team Snapchat explained: “You can use a Replay on any Snap you receive, but you can only Replay any Snap once. They’re a little pricey — but time is money!”

Have you noticed any updates or changes from your favorite social media channel that we haven’t mentioned? Call us out (we don’t mind really) in the comments or via Twitter! Stay tune for the next update!

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