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Fun fact: 500 million tweets are generated daily and Facebook users share 2.5 million pieces of content every minute. These staggering numbers are what marketers from various industries are banking on in reaching out to their target demographics.

Yet let’s face it, cutting through the noise in social media is like trying to make a decent conversation with someone inside the bar but the constant yelling and loud, fast music in the background are making it ridiculously impossible.

How do you initiate engaging conversations within social media platforms when no one has noticed you in the first place?

Here, Have Some Fitspiration!

Let’s take a look at fitness bloggers and brands who have successfully paddled out the gigantic waves of social media noise and emerged triumphant with their cultish fan base and highly engaged followers. Maybe all you need is just of bit of fitspiration!

Lululemon’s branded hashtag

This yoga brand based in Canada has a million followers on Instagram! And we’re not surprised at all since the brand’s Instagram feed is a genuine representation of their mission to help people live long, healthy and fun lives.

Their branded #thesweatlife hashtag is one of the key factors in helping Lululemon build and strengthen its Instagram tribe which in turn maximize brand exposure. Instagrammers also benefited from the hashtag through a spike in their own number of followers. Win-win!

“You generally won’t see anything that is highly sales focused on our Instagram,” says Lululemon’s social media manager Sairah Hearn. “Our goal is to inspire our guests through photos to live #thesweatlife.”

The Takeaway: Social media marketing is equal parts brand exposure and customer engagement. A clever branded hashtag that your followers can genuinely relate to is one good way to strike a balance between the two.

Equinox’ focus on high-quality content

Equinox has built itself a reputation as one of the best upscale gyms in the US, UK, and Canada through social media. The brand did not grow a solid media following overnight though. Before reaching more than 200,000 likes on Facebook, Equinox was one of those brands that only had a handful of followers and likes, and a few lackluster YouTube videos.

In 2012, the marketing team took on a new approach and “revamped the posting strategy, changing it from purely promotional to mainly content and conversations” on Facebook. This smart move propelled Equinox to a larger and highly engaged following within their social networks. In fact, when the company celebrated its 20-year milestone, the hashtag #Happy20thEquinox received roughly 26 million impressions in one day.

The Q by Equinox blog is also largely responsible in disseminating outstanding content to both brand followers and non-followers. The blog’s modern editorial feel and mission statement - Equinox’s editorial site that was created to change the conversation on fitness and wellness by presenting it in an elevated way. To us, the body is the ultimate investment. We believe it takes equal parts inspiration and information to get you to commit—and that’s what Q provides - is obviously what sets it apart from its competitors. Additionally, the Q blog is complemented by weekly newsletters that promise expert-approved content.

"Without good content, there’s not much to talk about — we now have outstanding content created internally," says then social media manager Lisa D'Aromando. Although D’ Aromando has left the Equinox team, the positive ripple effects from the changes in social media strategy during her time is still experienced today by the brand.

The takeaway: Health and fitness goals are admittedly difficult for many. The barrage of contradicting information online makes it more of a struggle for those who want to lead healthier lifestyles. Equinox, on the other hand, has broken down complex health and fitness concepts and translated them into information that is straightforward yet still straight from the experts themselves. The lesson here is to keep your message clear, sharp, and succinct - all of which are ingredients to shareable content.

Soul Cycle takes inspiration to another level

At Soul Cyle, it’s all about their instructors who, because of social media, have become mini celebrities! This growing spinning studio chain has gathered a cult-like following due to their instructors who also double up as brand ambassadors, with their own army of social media followers. Instructor profiles are shared regularly on Facebook and Twitter, with Soul Cyclers treating them as life coaches. Supermodel Karlie Kloss even has her own favorite Soul Cycle instructor!

Moreover, the strong sense of community within the brand is another contributor to its solid social media engagement. This was made possible through a unique brand of storytelling which do not focus solely on Soul Cycle products but rather how the classes has transformed the lives of its members - from athletes who dealt with injury to post-childbirth moms who wanted to regain their pre-baby body back.

Recently, Soul Cycle has also released an app for riders who want to book a class minus the hassle of opening up the website on desktop or mobile.

The takeaway: Building deeper relationships via social media is possible by taking steps to get to know the people behind your brand as well as your target customers. Publishing success stories and sharing it through various social media channels will further inspire followers to take action. At the end of the day, your followers will associate their new-found motivation to your brand which consequently builds trust.

The Bottomline

Now that you’ve gotten some fitspiration on how to do social media the right way, do you think the same formula can be applied to other industries? Why or why not? Your opinions matter to us so share in the comments below!

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