Social Bro is a Twitter analytics tool that allows users to analyze their Twitter communities. It is extremely beneficial for personal or business brand campaigns, expanding Twitter reach and gaining bettering interactions with customers and followers based on comprehensive analyses of real time data. With it, you can start to grow your community organically with more meaningful interactions because it aims to help you get quality over quantity and a more effective social presence. They are also an official partner of Twitter.

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Listening and Insights

Analyzing tons of data leads to insights about your target market and your own product or brand so it’s good to listen in on conversations people are making online. Socialbro has features that allow you to do just this. When you sign up, sync Socialbro to your Twitter account and then you can begin to figure out what online behavior Twitter communities exhibit, what time they are mostly online, what they are talking about and how often. For example, on Community Insights, one can view which profiles in your Twitter community best fit your brand or who among these potential customers you have not followed back yet. Not only that, you can see beyond your own followers – search out the others who may be interested in your brand and begin your interactions with them.

Social Marketing

While tips on how to interact on Twitter for social marketing abound online, using Socialbro can help users zoom in on creating more meaningful interactions that can lead to better results. Seeing what your potential reach is, for instance, tells users where they can target their efforts. With this you can get the most out of the good content you tweet by making sure they get to the feeds they are supposed to end up in.

Twitter and Advertising

Twitter is a fast-paced social media platform, and we have heard a number of people being discouraged by that fact: the impression is that one’s tweets can easily be buried in the feed. But this is where Socialbro is useful. Knowing what to say and when to say it based on the data about your Twitter community that you can mine. With the right filters you can find out which audience will most likely react in the way that your brand can benefit, say, get your latest promos or download your new e-book. It may be a little daunting to understand at first, but once you get the hang of it the graphs and charts are pretty helpful. as Market Solution for Small Businesses

Especially if your business is only beginning to build its social media presence, Socialbro’s free version is a good tool to start entry into your target markets. The tool makes it easy to filter your community (those you follow and are following you) according to categories important to you such as who are based in which areas, what their interests are, or what tags are associated with them. As a small business with already a considerable amount of clout, Socialbro helps you determine what kind of influence you hold in terms of the numbers. These data can then be use to expand your influence and be able to reach even secondary and tertiary markets connected to the customers with whom you already have an established brand-client connection.

Does Socialbro Really Work?

In the most basic sense, yes it does. It gives you a picture of what your Twitter account’s potential might be, but before you can dive into further details, the service keeps urging you to get the paid version of their service to avail yourselves of a more in depth analysis. For those interested in Direct Message campaigns or if you want to know how your competition is doing, these can be found on the Socialbro Pro. It’s enough however to begin to understand where your targets lie and what their basic behaviors are online and gives you ample input on your brand, and then decide whether or not to choose the paid services.

Since each brand has unique needs, one needs a set of tools that, when used together, become custom fit for those needs. There is not one tool out there has everything, but Socialbro can effectively augment those that you already have in your arsenal with more refined searches and categories not just from the Twitter-verse, but down to the more important Twitter target segments significant to you.

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