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 Have you ever wondered about whether you could blend an entire coconut? Blendtec founder and face of “Will it Blend?” viral marketing campaign, Tom Dickson  answers this question by throwing in a whole pineapple together with a coconut in a recent video they uploaded in late July. The verdict: it blended, giving a new meaning to drink pina colada.  Continue reading →

Recently, I came across a photo of green tea macarons on my feed. The carefully crafted image looked good enough to click. The link leads to a website with the complete how to and a complete list of ingredients including where to purchase Macha (green tea) powder. This is what the journey from my newsfeed to the website has told me:  Continue reading →


In managing real-time information, a dashboard application is the perfect interface for showing a graphical or table presentation of the current status and historical trend in performance indicators. TweetDeck is hardly a rookie in the dashboard playing field.  Continue reading →

Useful twitter tools

Twitter is a powerful channel for business. Your customers, your peers and your influencers are on Twitter. The amount of tools available to manage and optimise your Twitter presence is a testament to how useful it is to different areas of business.  Continue reading →

How bloggers earn on Instagram

 Instagram is relatively young in the social media arena. Yet five years after its initial release, the photo and video-sharing platform has gone a long way with roughly 300 million monthly active users, more than 30 billion photos, and 2.5 billion likes happening daily. When Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram for a billion dollars in 2012, he predicted that Instagram will reach 1 billion users in five years. This isn’t far from happening at all given that the average Instagram user these days spends 21 minutes on the app every day, just 19 minutes shy of the average time spent by users on Facebook.   Continue reading →

Australian-based Canva, a 3-year-old design company, has grown exponentially into a multi- million dollar venture. What is interesting about it is that it was founded on a simple yet brilliant solution to common design problems for the common folk – those with little to no design expertise. And the person responsible for this is Canva CEO and co-founder Melanie Perkins.  Continue reading →

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