Fun fact: 500 million tweets are generated daily and Facebook users share 2.5 million pieces of content every minute. These staggering numbers are what marketers from various industries are banking on in reaching out to their target demographics.  Continue reading →

In a study conducted by Forrester in 2014, it has been found that Instagram delivered more engagement than Facebook and Twitter. Top brands on Instagram were able to get 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more per follower compared to Twitter. A picture does really say more than a thousand words.  Continue reading →

The idea of personal branding is relatively new. With the help of the different social media platforms, personal branding has changed the course of marketing. Traditionally, products are the sole focus of a marketing strategy. Nowadays consumers are looking for the faces behind the product and behind the brand. It is no longer enough to say that something is good. It is now essential to point out who is saying that it is.  Continue reading →

Keeping tabs on the juicy new updates from various social media platforms could be quite a headache. After all, the Social Network of Things is one fickle diva who gives itself a makeover anytime it wants to. For this month, we’ve got you covered as we deliver the latest scoop on social media news and updates today!   Continue reading →

Everyone has something to say on the world wide web and finding a gem of an article over hordes of blog posts, news stories, and social media posts published each day may prove to be a challenge. Hence, the Transeo editorial team will round up five evergreen articles every last Saturday of the month that are by turns timely and practical for business owners and entrepreneurs.  Continue reading →

Why are companies moving away from Facebook?  Continue reading →

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