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Running a business, no matter the size, is no small feat. You need all the help you can get in terms of managing and growing it. There are now many different tools available to help you get ahead. Many of these tools are free and can make running your company as well as connecting with your customers so much easier.


This one is pretty obvious. We all use search one of Google’s many free tools in business or in our daily life. Small businesses have long benefited from using Gmail, Google calendar and now Google drive. These tools are business essentials that even larger companies use.

Thankfully, Google doesn’t stop there, you can maximize all their free offerings across other areas of your brand. Here’s a spotlight on a few of their frees tool you might find good for your business:

Google Drive is suitable for small businesses with a team that needs to access the same files. With Google Drive two or more team members can work on spreadsheets and documents at the same time. Google Drive helps you stay on the same page. You can customise access for view or edit and then access it from anywhere with an internet connection. Use Google Places for Business so your physical location can be easily located by your customers. Google Voice lets you have one number for all of your numbers: office, mobile, etc. It makes your business cards and online contact information cleaner but more than that, it makes it easier for your customers to contact you. Another stand out product is Google+. While most companies focus their attention on other Social Media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, Google+ is worth building for its sharing and SEO boosting capabilities. It is Google, after all. For more free Google tools try some of these Free Google.

Youtube Channel

Video marketing is one of the most effective tools whether it is to promote a celebrity or your small business. A study conducted by Cisco has predicted that by 2017, 69% of consumer internet traffic will be delivered by video. It is becoming clear that marketing is going in the direction of videos. Youtube is the most popular video sharing site in the world and small businesses can use it to grab their audiences’ attention and promote their brand through viral marketing. One of the many reasons why youtube is a very important marketing tool is that it is owned by Google. Using Youtube for your business will boost your social media influence as well as your SEO rankings.

Not ready to post videos yet? Get a Youtube account to reserve a name that is congruent to your business and branding.

Email marketing

Email is one of the most widely used modes of communication. Small businesses can use email marketing to generate leads, increase website traffic and deliver valuable information to your website subscribers, customers and prospects. One free application is Zoho Campaigns that lets you send up to 12000 emails to 2000 subscribers per month. You will need the paid upgraded version for Autoresponders. As your business grows you might consider a more advanced platform such as Adobe Business Catalyst (BC). BC combines Email Marketing, CRM database, eCommerce, content management, Reporting and Analytics, all in one platform. For a small business owner BC relatively inexpensive yet very effective tool to use to manage and grow an online business presence.


Busy people make notes. It helps them accomplish tasks and keep track of everything else going on around them. Evernote lets you create task lists on the go. You can also scan notes written on paper so you can store them without having to transcribe each word. Evernote is helpful when you have important tasks that you cannot get to immediately such as articles to read, emails to answer and great ideas you’ve come up with during your daily commute.


Although you need to buy credits to call phones with Skype, there are still a lot of things that you can do with it free of charge. Skype lets you call, chat, and share information to anyone who also has an account anywhere in the world. You can hold call and video conferences with your Skype contacts and send multiple types of files for free. The SMS feature allows you to quickly communicate with a work colleague, customer or prospect. You can even hold effective training sessions with your team members using the screen share feature. Skype is an effective free tool you can use for managing and communicating with team members in different locations and also either for free or cost effectively communicate with your business contacts.

Social Media

If you are a small business who is using Social Media, you are falling behind. Good news is that you can still catch up using any of the free Social media platforms that your target audience is already using. There are many free social media platforms and the perfect avenue for you depends on your type of business. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin take the cake in terms of brand exposure and connectivity.

Facebook for business

Facebook lets you share updates, promotions and even hold contests to engage your customers. With more than 1 million small businesses on facebook it has quickly become a great way for you to share your stories.


Twitter helps you connect with your target audience in a swift and concise manner. Many brands are using Twitter as a customer service platform with the help of twitter handle tagging and hashtags.


Its known as the” World’s Largest Professional” network with more than 300 million users. This free and very important SMB platform is Linkedin. With Linkedin you can more cost effectively meet and introduce yourself to many of your target prospects over any other marketing channel. Linkedin lets you connect not only with your prospective customers, it also opens up a lot of doors for you in terms of business connections.

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