There is an ever increasing number of platforms and devices out there, and it’s becoming harder for marketers to know how effective their email campaigns are. With email marketing, your content has to look good and function well, and Litmus is the app to help you with that. It’s not an email broadcast tool, but it preps your email before you hit send. Basically, Litmus allows marketers to view how email will look like, ensure effectivity and that all aspects of the email are working before being blasted to customers.

Comprehensive Design Testing

Test your email by seeing how your content displays on various email platforms and devices. Their spam testing function helps you avoid sending your emails straight to customers’ spam folders. The report includes information on your legitimacy, reputation, as well as whether or not your email has passed filters like Spam Assassin, Gmail, or You will be show your spam scores and a few reasons why your email failed to make it through some filters, if it does. Through email analytics, see how your clients respond to your email: who read it, who simply took a quick read-through, or who chucked them in the trash bin, or actually printed your email.

Mobile Testing

Litmus allows users to check how their emails register on mobile devices. It’s not just a screenshot of how it looks like, you can actually scroll up and down to actually see how your entire email will be seen on certain devices like the iPhone or a number of tablets.

Interactive Troubleshooting

This feature allows users to check how all the elements in their emails (in HTML) fare on various email clients and fix any problem plaguing the email in real time regardless of, say, whether the email client is on Mac or Windows. You can fix coding issues and view the changes instantly after you refresh the page through this function.

Link Validation

Through the Landing Page Testing, Litmus helps you to ensure your links are all functioning as they should and would lead to the correct websites and pages. Gone are the days of sending emails that you have to check yourself. View color-coded markers on successful links, those that you have to troubleshoot, and those that do not work at all.

Compatibility Check

Litmus provides a code analysis feature where marketers can get compatibility reports on whether they have HTML/CSS issues with particular email clients, and what these are.

Sharing Tools

Get an overall look at how your email will do by publishing your results through a published read-only URL that you can share to your teammates or clients for viewing.

What Can Litmus Do For Small Businesses

So much guesswork can go into email marketing. Knowing your customer base well is only half the battle – if the emails don’t work, or fail to reach their intended destination, brand-customer communication suffers, so solving all technical aspects, along with other strategies pushes marketing and communication strategies to reach better results. Litmus allows small businesses to do this at a relatively low cost.


Litmus offers functions that one can say are real breakthroughs in the email tool category.The team behind Litmus seems to be highly sensitive to the most common problems of email marketers that the program takes care of so many technical aspects. It also allows users to test their emails on what probably is among the most number of email clients and devices compared to other tools. Sometimes though, there is not enough info on the presence of certain issues so you have to go through a trial-and-error phase, as with the case of the filters. However, with the total number of features you can use to aid your email campaign, it’s a highly convenient and useful tool.


Litmus is a great tool to have for email testing, what with the numerous features it has to offer. The purchase will be well worth it: in a nutshell it helps marketers ensure their emails are coming out correctly on many devices and email clients both visually and technically, reveals many errors that may otherwise be overlooked, makes correcting these errors easy, and shows how recipients are reacting to the email. This saves a lot of time and effort so you have more space in your schedule for other important matters, plus it greatly minimizes guesswork before you send out the email to valued subscribers.

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