Linkedin Pulse for Small Business

Social media plays a great role in improving the informative aspect of surfing the internet. What was once the role of RSS is now available and easily accessible through social media platforms. Because of this, LinkedIn has recently improved the redesigned version of the Pulse news reader app.

How LinkedIn Pulse Can Help Your Small Business

The app was purchased in 2013 and this redesigned version focuses on the identity of the users. According to LinkedIn Project Manager and Pulse co-founder Akshay Kothari, Pulse will focus on providing smart content recommendations to its users.

The class project they started in 2010 was purchased by LinkedIn in 2013 wants a stronger take on providing users, especially small business owners, better content recommendations by picking articles that are essential to every user. By merging the power of Pulse’s extensive sifting of content and LinkedIn’s identification of network, the app gives personalized news digest to users.

What is LinkedIn Pulse

When it started, LinkedIn Pulse let users see content from millions of other users via the email digest. It is now featuring its own organic content. Users can expect to have access to 130,000 or more original articles every week.

Redesigned LinkedIn Pulse Features

After it was redesigned, users can now enjoy a hassle-free and more personalized experience. Among the convenience of the new LinkedIn Pulse App is the effortless onboarding process. There is no need to follow topics or publishers anymore. The news feed will now be based on the industry listed by the user and the people whom they are connected with.

It also features a cards-based interface making it easier to skim through the content quickly. Users can dismiss stories they do not like. They can also save stories they want to read later on in the day. If there are authors they prefer, they can simply follow them. The user then has the power to tailor the sources and content in the feed according to their preference.

How LinkedIn Pulse Keeps You Updated and Connected

If you are a small business owner who wants to improve the way you connect with people in your industry, using LinkedIn Pulse is perfect. Because of the changes made, it is now easier to penetrate your industry and connect with people who may find your content interesting.

LinkedIn Pulse gives users the most read article from their industry which means learning about the ins and outs of the industry. What better way to get updated, then to read the most popular article in your network? Why not connect with others in the network directly from these articles? The tailored feeds make sure that the user only reads articles that are focused on their business or employment choices.

Small business owners can likewise upload articles in LinkedIn Pulse. The platform is already equipped with tools that can make content readable and reach a wider audience. When creating articles for LinkedIn, using featured images and adding tags are encouraged, and easy to do.

Even first-time authors can have a chance to publish their content and possibly land on the featured page. So long as the content is credible, the articles can be viewed by users. If a post gets a lot of views and interactions, it will be added to the stream of LinkedIn groups.

For a small business, it can mean reaching people from different industries so long as members from those groups find the content interesting. Even articles that were not featured at the time that they were originally featured could still make it to the stream of popular articles. To do that, you can mention LinkedIn Pulse on Twitter and give them a tip about your article.

It is a lot easier to now connect with prospects, industry mentors, and past clients. If they are within your LinkedIn network, you can view their content and start interacting with them. Articles which are of your same interest can also be a good start for conversation between members. Leaving a comment is a great boost and enhance your connection rapport with these members within your network.

Gone were the days when they had to use other platforms to get up-to-date information. Right now, they just have to open the easy-to-use interface of LinkedIn Pulse and they are assured that they can find reliable news that fits their industries and interests.

Are you using Linkedin Pulse to grow your small business

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