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Managing your social media presence may not be as easy as it sounds and as breezy as just simply updating a Facebook status on a daily basis while you sip on a morning coffee. As you will quickly find out social media marketing can be overwhelming and the need for a high quality performing social media platform is really going to help you grow and manage your needs.

If you haven't heard of Sprout Social then you're in for a nice surprise. When it comes to introducing your products and services through sharing quality content, such as blogs and micro blogs, photos, special fan promos, updating your customers with new event dates, product releases, competitions and your other general daily posts, this social media marketing platform comes highly recommended and is our platform of choice for all our social media marketing needs.

For many businesses, using a platform management tool could make a whole lot of difference in establishing your brand name in the ever-competitive world of social media. It’s more convenient, more organised, and less complicated. It has all the tools you need right in one platform and you really don't need to have more than one posting system. When it comes to social media software, Sprout Social has become one of the most preferred names in the business. With features tailored for engagement, publishing, analytics, and collaboration, Sprout Social promises and delivers solutions to everyday social media activities that businesses both small and large are using to meet the challenges of managing the ever changing social channels. 

Sprout social dashboard

Sprout Social offers a free-30-day-trial to let you explore its many functions and to help you decide if it’s the right tool for your business. But to properly enjoy what it really has to offer, we all know that a short trial period is never usually enough. So when should your business commit to a platform like Sprout Social and how do actually make the most of it? Over the past year we've used this platform, are very happy with how it works and wanted to share a few ways that will help you to better use Sprout Social in your everyday business or perhaps you make a decision why this platform is right for your business.

Monitor your social media reputation

When all of your efforts are placed in your social media business, you would want to at least know how people are reacting to your endeavours, and hear what they are saying about your brand. Hearing what your audience has to say allows you to act accordingly. With Sprout Social, you are able to acknowledge and respond to complaints and compliments in a timely manner. The software optimises your listening efforts through comprehensive social media tools that allow you to monitor brand mentions across the web.

Monitor your social media reputation

Hashtags and trending topics are captured so when you have a new product launch or marketing campaign, you can easily discover how people are responding to it. As well, Sprout Social lets you view influencers, tweeps, and potential followers that are of similar interest to your profiles, while staying up to date on industry news.

Plus with filtering options you can not only monitor your social media reputation with Sprout Social, you can also have the edge of knowing what your competitors are up to and what people think of them. 

Analyse your performance

It’s not enough to know what people are saying about you in social media. You must also know exactly how you measure in the game. Sprout Social provides you with weekly summary reports of activities across all your social media accounts. From Facebook and Twitter reports to user performance and engagement reports, it provides an integrated view of how well your social media efforts are doing. You can also see all your traffic status in one place without logging in to different accounts. 

Sprout Social’s new Trends Reports not only provides insight into what’s being said about your brand in Twitter and who’s saying it. It does not only let you see the topics, hashtags, and brands that are usually mentioned with your brand. It also notably allows you to chart relationships between these significant mentions. The reports are designed to evaluate and analyse your engagement with your audience, like what messages reach the most people or get the best reaction. This way, you can see how you are interacting with your audience against the competition. 

Analyse your performance on social media

While the thought of reports may sound like something you must immerse yourself into for several hours just to get the gist, this is something you wouldn’t have to worry about with Sprout Social. Sprout reports are built to make analytics both easy to comprehend and presentation-ready. You can conveniently export the raw data into PDF or CSV.

Strengthen Your Customer Relationship 

How you respond to inquiries, complaints, suggestions, and even praises will affect greatly your overall performance. Sprout Social is structured to support your audience engagement so you can monitor messages, interactions, and respond to them quickly. Its Smart Inbox feature, boasting of being single-stream, allows you to see and reply to the messages from all of your social profiles in a single tool. Sprout Social’s engagement category not only includes messages but has tasks and feeds section as well, where team members can see the to-dos and where you can see all the news for all your social accounts respectively. It’s a compact tool that lets you engage in conversations and respond to customers that are talking about your brand and product. 

Monitor customer relationship through Sprout Social
How you are interacting with your audience can also be measured as Sprout offers a comprehensive insight into how your team is doing when it comes to how often and how prompt you respond to important messages. You can know your engagement pattern by day and time while getting a grasp of how other profiles with similar message volume are doing.

Schedule Your Posts

One of the smartest ways to take advantage of Sprout Social as a business tool is taking your hands off from important yet routinely tasks like publishing. You don’t have to mark your calendar to be reminded of what needs to be posted on a specific day as Sprout allows easy scheduling of posts. Plan and prepare your material weeks ahead, set the date, and be worry-free. There is the Drafts feature that works like a scribble pad where you can briskly jot down your thoughts and ideas to save it for future use or for your teammates to review. You wouldn’t have to miss posting about holiday-related topics and you’ll always be on track in plotting regular updates, so you are always consistent when it comes to your online presence. 

Schedule a post to your social media accounts

Additionally, posting to multiple social networks is also effortless when you maximise Sprout’s publishing feature. You can post simultaneously on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn with a compose tool that lets you customise posts with shortened links, photos, and content posted for specific target audience. 

Maximise Your Power as a Team

Good collaboration makes for a strong foundation for any social media campaign. Utilise all of your team member’s ideas and efforts through Sprout Social’s collaboration tool. Starting from your inbox, your team can efficiently manage communication so relevant messages are given the proper attention. Seamless transitions are achieved as you can delegate certain messages to the right individuals and departments. You can see who is online and available to respond right away and everyone can know what everyone else is doing real-time through the activity updates. Tracking and auditing actions of how the messages were being dealt with is also very convenient, with members being able to mark messages accordingly so efforts are not duplicated.

Scheduling a task through Sprout Social

When it comes to managing tasks, Sprout Social allows you to have complete visibility of assignments on an organisational, team, or individual level. This lets you review tasks to monitor progress and manage everyone's workflow. There is also a shared team content calendar where you get a bird’s eye view of scheduled messages so you can audit and make changes to the schedule and content of scheduled posts. 

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