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In recent years, many small businesses have benefited greatly from cloud computing due to its efficacy in accomplishing business goals minus the high costs and complexity of maintaining servers. In 2014, Lifehacker Australia named Google Cloud Platform the readers’ choice award for best cloud computing provider. So what exactly is driving small businesses to shift from old client server methodologies to cloud computing such as Google Apps for Work? Let’s take a closer look below!

Review: Google Apps for Work

What is Google Apps for Work?
In a nutshell, Google Apps for work is a collective term for a host of web-based applications created by Google for businesses. This popular cloud platform is comprised of the following apps: 

Each user gets up to 30GB of email storage. Aside from its minimalist look, Gmail offers the benefits of lightning-quick search within emails, priority inbox, and an advanced spam filter system -- all of which are designed to boost user productivity. Furthermore, Gmail can be easily accessed in mobile devices with data connection and works with major mobile platforms.

Google Calendar 

This app do not just help an employee organize and manage his or her work schedule but also make it possible to create and manage other employees’ calendars through shared settings. Multiple calendars may be synced and appointments can be easily created with the Quick Add feature. Google Calendar is accessible with almost any type of web browser and mobile devices.

Google Drive

Like Gmail, each user gets up to 30GB of free storage in Google Drive. Access to files and work from almost any device is the most impressive feature of this app. All types of files -- from documents to images to videos can be stored in Google Drive and may be shared between colleagues or the entire team. Viewing, editing, and commenting on files can be easily adjusted too.

Google Docs

Google Docs brings collaboration to another level as more than just one person can work on a document wheter it is in .doc, .docx or .rtf at a given time. Getting feedback is quicker, making it possible to get things done in just a short span of time. Additionally, editing or commenting on a file is possible anywhere because Google Docs is accessible with an Android phone, iPhone, or an iPad.

Google Slides

Like Google Docs, teams can work together and collaborate with presentations via Google Slides. Animations, videos and dynamic slide presentations can be embedded with ease. Once a presentation is done, it can be either published on the web or shared privately with a group of people. Its accessibility with other platforms makes it possible to give presentations with an iPhone, iPad, or an Android phone. 

Google Sheets 

This spreadsheet editor is a powerful tool in sharing lists, analyzing data, and tracking results within teams. Tools such as filters, pivot tables, and advanced formulas provide convenience in helping users gain new perspectives. 

Google Sites

With just a few clicks, anyone in the team can help develop a project website with this app. Programming or technical skills are not needed. Team documents, files, and videos can be easily centralised and viewed by everyone in the team through Google Sites.


Google+ takes social networking within an organization to another level with its Hangouts and Communities features. Hangouts allows for videoconferencing from almost any device while Communities is an excellent tool to obtain the general consensus within a group of people or the entire organization. This app can also be integrated with your email and calendar to improve productivity and efficiency.

Google Apps Vault

Google Apps Vault makes archiving a breeze. It empowers businesses in handling critical information 
that could potentially be utilized during  internal investigations, audits, and legal discovery requests. When an employee leaves, this app is a gem in figuring out the status of projects that they were a part of. 

Why Choose Google Apps For Work

In comparison to traditionally hosted services and other cloud computing platforms, Google Apps for Work offers the following benefits: 

  • It’s easy to set up and is compatible with popular platforms and mobile devices.
  • Newer functionalities are introduced frequently without disrupting operations of end-users and businesses. Upgrades don’t cost a dime too!
  • Google Apps for Work is mainly designed to triple productivity amongst teams through real-time and multi-person collaborations. Employees can be productive anywhere!
  • IT departments are spared the hassle of maintaining desktop aspects of a traditional server system because everything is based on the Internet with Google Apps for Work.
  • The 2-step verification in an excellent example of Google Apps for Work’s state-of-the art security. Security and reliability practices have also been tested and verified by independent third-party auditors. Google Inc is FISMA-Moderate Level certified, the same category of certification of internal email networks used within the United State’s’ government.
  • Support for the core services is available 24/7. Web-based knowledge portals and user-to-user forums offer additional support too.

Overall, Google Apps for Work is worth a try for small businesses who are looking into increasing employee productivity and improving user experience through cost-effective means.

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