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How many times have you found yourself scrolling down to the end of a post just to read through the comments? Sometimes the most valuable information and opinions lie amongst the many comments from members of a community. Many brands today focus on building communities where people are able to share their experiences and be in the know with the latest trends in different areas or fields.

The impact of social media has proven to be quite powerful basically because content comes directly from people. This has proven to be quite effective because a) people feel that the information presented via the comment boxes are reliable because of firsthand experience; b) because of the fact that comment posters are end users as well, they prove to be unbiased opinions; and lastly, c) people tend to feel connected or “can relate” to the ones leaving their comments. Disqus understands this process and has created a system to make use of the enthusiasm people have for comments and discussions, making the lives of both small business and/or Web sites owners and the audience/consumer more convenient.

Disqus is a commenting system, which was introduced in 2007, that is being patterned after social network sites, focusing mainly on exchanging thoughts and insights about a specific post. The reason for its success lies on its accessibility and multiple unique features. Disqus is not just a way for people to leave comments; it’s a social media network on its own. It allows for better interaction and opens the door to new topics and discussions.

The great thing about Disqus is that it uses your profile information throughout the entire worldwide web—readers are able to view your name, location, age, and other information you choose to share. You do have the option to go incognito and comment as a guest.

How Disqus Helps Small Businesses

The world of online business is quite competitive. One must always keep up and be up-to-date with the latest trends. Small businesses need all the help they can get to promote their products, services, or content online. Here are the ways Disqus benefits your small business:

Increases Traffic

Disqus is not only good for leaving comments on a post. Responses to comments and discussions catch the interest of readers. Because one is notified when new comments are left by other users, one can go back and check and add any new opinions. Through this, Web sites generate increased traffic to their sites, as there are repeat visitors.

Takes the burden of data off your servers

Because Disqus is a third-party application, it runs the comments and discussions on its own servers, taking the bulk of data off yours. Isn’t that a great way to go? What’s better is that Disqus is super easy to install and is completely free!

Monetizes your site

Links and other products can be linked up under your posts once you enable the “Discover” box on your site. Other small businesses may leave their product links under your posts, and when users click on the links, you get a minimal affiliate share. Thus monetizing your site in an easy, no-hassle way.

Builds better-connected communities

Communities are a big part of building your brand. As they say, at this day and age, you have to be everywhere. You need to constantly remind the audience of your existence. Make them feel your presence. Be accessible to your audience. Strong communities with attentive, proactive members are the best form of marketing you could ever have.

Provides updates on your blog comment statistics

Disqus monitors the commenting activity on your site each month. This way, small businesses are able to identify which posts are getting more attention and are sparking more interest. By keeping track of your monthly statistics, site owners get a clear idea of what appeals to the audience and which products or services are more drawn to. Disqus helps give you ideas for your future posts based on past patterns.

Keeping up with the constantly changing landscape of online businesses can be challenging—that is a given. However, the innovative people behind systems such as Disqus are committed to making sure that your online needs are met in the most efficient way possible.

As of today, Disqus is being used by more than 2.5 million websites and is continuing to grow bigger and better. What are your thoughts on Disqus? Let’s discuss on the comments below!

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