Content Marketing options for small business

There are many ways that small businesses can deliver a message. Fortunately, there is an abundance of technology options that enables us to deliver information in a way that our audience can readily understand.

Small businesses must seek to present content in a way that readers can easily digest. There is no one way to best present a message. You can choose from the content marketing options available to you and repurpose existing content. One piece of content can be transformed into various forms to suit your audience. It also allows you to publish the best content for the platforms that your customers use.

10 content marketing options for your small business

1. Website

Start with easy to access content. Your audience should be able to find the content that they need right away. If not, they will click away and look for it on other websites. Make sure that there is enough content for your audience to get to know your products. Build FAQ's with the customer in mind.

2. Blogs

Your blog is a vital part of your content marketing strategy. Your blogs should be aimed at helping your customers. Refrain from promotional information that is used in traditional marketing. Produce content that solves problems and teaches your customers to maximise the benefits of your products and services.

3. Images

Images can often convey so much more that words. People respond to images. You can use photographs of your company's behind the scenes, easy to consume infographics or product images to deliver data, explain an idea or push products.

4. Videos

Videos are one of the easiest ways for your audiences to receive information. They are increasingly being integrated into other forms of content because of their entertainment value and ability to fit a large number of information in a few minutes, even seconds. More and more companies are using videos to engage their customers with their products, a testament to how videos are effective for a wide range of audiences.

5. eBooks

An eBook is an effective way to relay information as well as attract leads and prospects. eBooks can be low cost and as long as they need to be. If you need more reasons to write an eBook, we have 10 for you right here.

6. Email Newsletters

A lot of online businesses deliver email newsletters to their audiences. It is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. When producing other forms of content, always pay attention to how you can use it to grow your mailing list.

Interesting and compelling message paired with the best tools to create good looking newsletters will help you see more click-throughs and returns.

7. Webinars

The best advantage that you can get from hosting a webinar is that it is interactive. Webinars allows for a two-way conversation between you and your audience. With most webinar tools, you are able to record the entire streaming. this can later be used as a training tool or as a give away when growing your subscriber list.

8. Podcasts

Your audience can subscribe to your podcasts the same way that they subscribe to your blogs. You can also integrate the podcast into your blog. Podcasts offer the element of human interaction to your content. It is easy to grab and suitable for your audiences who are always on the go.

9. Presentations, Case studies and White paper

Slide presentations are one of the most enduring methods in content marketing. It has been used for ages and still remains effective after every other advancement in technology. Enhance your presentations with images, prompts and speech bubbles that help deliver messages effectively.

10. Testimonials

Sharing testimonials to your online audience lets them know what your peers or existing customers think of you. Testimonials are feedback from people who have had first-hand contact with your business. Select your customer’s best comments to highlight the strengths of your business.

What content marketing options does your audience engage with the most?

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