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Why are companies moving away from Facebook?

There is a lot of commentary from marketers about how Facebook is becoming less valuable for content marketing. A lot of businesses are not getting the amount of engagement they want and not building the right communities. One reason for this is that for some businesses, their customers are simply not hanging out on Facebook, or are not using the platform for that. There are numerous social media platforms available. You get to choose where to best spend your efforts and resources in. Another reason for this is that a lot of businesses don’t know how to use Facebook.

Is Facebook still worth the content marketing effort?

Let’s begin to answer this question by asking another one - are your customers on Facebook? Reach out to your audience where they are at. A lot of companies get their likes by giving out freebies and exclusive content. While these are effective methods, your efforts should not stop there. When fans are ignoring your content, you are likely to disappear from their newsfeed.

Facebook is an effective tool to build active communities and brand advocates. Fans engage when they feel that they are part of an interesting and interactive community. How do you encourage your fans to engage? How do you get likes, comments or shares? Here are some content marketing tips that you can use on Facebook.

1. Build a Strong Audience

You can use the fanciest platforms and create the glitziest images, and it won’t amount to much if your audience won't see them. Building a strong audience means to have a community that interacts with your content.

  • Place the facebook like button prominently on your website - Use Facebook as a way for your fans to stay tuned. When they ‘Like’ your Facebook page from your website, they are likely doing so to get notified with your latest posts and news.
  • Include your facebook URL on your signature - Promote you facebook page to people who have already shown interest in your business.
  • Cross promote from other social media platforms - Use your influence on other social media platforms to promote your Facebook page.

2. Facebook app

Facebook apps are made to get more clicks and interaction from your fans. Your app can be anything that suits your business - games, discussion boards, videos. Make your app as interactive as possible.

3. Fans only freebies

Your fans may already be on your other profiles, in other channels. Give your them an incentive to follow you on Facebook too. This can be in a form of products or exclusive content. A big advantage for companies to be on Facebook is to encourage brand advocacy. When your fans engage and share your content on Facebook, they are sharing it to their friends and family - people who already trust them. People buy what those that they trust would recommend.

4. Contests and follow ups

Facebook contests are one of the most effective ways to increase your business’ fans on Facebook. This is why most successful brands do them. However, it is very important to highlight the activities after the contest. Your follow up strategy makes the difference between having dormant followers with zero interaction beyond the contest to gathering engaged fans. Here are some of the after contest activities that you can do:

  • Newsletters - your customer’s email address is one of your most valuable assets
  • Winner profile
  • Media posts about your contest

5. Post your blog to Facebook

Your blog should be one of the types of content to post regularly on Facebook. This helps your customers find your content. You are placing it in a platform most people use regularly. When they click on your blog, you also have an SEO advantage by getting quality links back to your site.

When posting your blog on facebook, use interesting descriptions and headlines that spark curiosity and encourage them to click on your blog.

6. Post Images & Videos

According to a study by eMarketer, photos account for 87% of the most shared content on Facebook. Images should be on your content marketing arsenal. Make the most out of your posts on Facebook with the use of interesting, interactive images.

  • Post images that you have created or have the right to publish
  • Take photos of behind the scenes from your office or behind the scenes.
  • Post a mix of images - infographics, banners, memes, posters.

7. Timing

Timing is everything. Post content on Facebook when your audience are on it. Use your social platform’s analytics as well as your Facebook Insights to determine the times that your fans are most engaged.

8. Number of posts

Each social media channel is different. One of the differences is the frequency of posts ‘acceptable’ for each channel. On Twitter, you can almost post to your heart’s content as the platform moves fast. On Facebook, this is not the case. According to a research by Buddy Media, pages that post 1-2 posts per day receive 40% higher engagement than those that post more. What works for your business may not work for the rest. The main takeaway here is that on Facebook, the quality of content that you post is more important than the quantity.

9. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is a great way to increase your followers on (and off)

Facebook. Using your most well received content as a sponsored post on Facebook puts your brand in from of your target customers.

10. Measure

Every strategy should include measurement. Keep track of the objectives that you have achieved using Facebook insights. On your business’ Facebook page, click on the Insights tab. From there you are able to view Likes, reach, visits and engagement on your post. It also tells you the dates and times your audience is most engaged with your content.

When used strategically, Facebook can be a great tool for providing valuable content to your audience. Be where your customers are at. Are you talking to your customers on Facebook?

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