Using Print with Social media

Breaking News: Print’s Not Dead!Social media marketing, alongside its usual cohorts in digital media advertising, may be having its day in the sun at present but print marketing’s old school tactics are not to be dismissed. The following statistics from last year are solid proof that flyers, brochures, and direct mail marketing are still pivotal to a marketing formula you are about to concoct:   Continue reading →

For many, the concept of success is earning x amount of money or being a bestselling author or traveling to the farthest ends of the earth minus the constant worry of an empty bank account. Others will probably say that it’s about being looked up to by your colleagues and peers. But for Chris Brogan, it’s quite simple - success is being able to say no to whatever I want to say no to so that I can say yes to the things I want to say yes to. Nifty, huh?  Continue reading →

Fun fact: 500 million tweets are generated daily and Facebook users share 2.5 million pieces of content every minute. These staggering numbers are what marketers from various industries are banking on in reaching out to their target demographics.  Continue reading →

Keeping tabs on the juicy new updates from various social media platforms could be quite a headache. After all, the Social Network of Things is one fickle diva who gives itself a makeover anytime it wants to. For this month, we’ve got you covered as we deliver the latest scoop on social media news and updates today!   Continue reading →

Social Media vs SEO

Digital marketing’s end goal is simple - get more sales. Yet before a sale is made, you need people to notice your brand first. The challenge though is how do you get people to notice you when your competitors are drowning out your marketing efforts with their fancier marketing strategies.  Continue reading →

How bloggers earn on Instagram

 Instagram is relatively young in the social media arena. Yet five years after its initial release, the photo and video-sharing platform has gone a long way with roughly 300 million monthly active users, more than 30 billion photos, and 2.5 billion likes happening daily. When Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram for a billion dollars in 2012, he predicted that Instagram will reach 1 billion users in five years. This isn’t far from happening at all given that the average Instagram user these days spends 21 minutes on the app every day, just 19 minutes shy of the average time spent by users on Facebook.   Continue reading →

Your favorite social media platforms were hard at work for the past month and keeping up with the constant updates could be a headache. You are not alone! The Transeo editorial team understands where you’re coming from and our Social Media Month in Review series aims to tone down your FOMO on social media updates!  Continue reading →

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