Disqus as a commenting Tool

How many times have you found yourself scrolling down to the end of a post just to read through the comments? Sometimes the most valuable information and opinions lie amongst the many comments from members of a community. Many brands today focus on building communities where people are able to share their experiences and be in the know with the latest trends in different areas or fields.  Continue reading →


There is an ever increasing number of platforms and devices out there, and it’s becoming harder for marketers to know how effective their email campaigns are. With email marketing, your content has to look good and function well, and Litmus is the app to help you with that. It’s not an email broadcast tool, but it preps your email before you hit send. Basically, Litmus allows marketers to view how email will look like, ensure effectivity and that all aspects of the email are working before being blasted to customers.  Continue reading →

Social Bro is a Twitter analytics tool that allows users to analyze their Twitter communities. It is extremely beneficial for personal or business brand campaigns, expanding Twitter reach and gaining bettering interactions with customers and followers based on comprehensive analyses of real time data. With it, you can start to grow your community organically with more meaningful interactions because it aims to help you get quality over quantity and a more effective social presence. They are also an official partner of Twitter.  Continue reading →


In managing real-time information, a dashboard application is the perfect interface for showing a graphical or table presentation of the current status and historical trend in performance indicators. TweetDeck is hardly a rookie in the dashboard playing field.  Continue reading →


Since the inception of Twitter in 2006, users of the social media platform have spawned billions of tweets on innumerable subjects ranging from the mundane to those relevant to public interest. On a per minute basis alone, over 350,000 tweets are being sent out. This staggering number not only has a rapid growth rate, but fluctuates and spikes significantly depending on trending topics across the globe.  Continue reading →

Linkedin Pulse for Small Business

Social media plays a great role in improving the informative aspect of surfing the internet. What was once the role of RSS is now available and easily accessible through social media platforms. Because of this, LinkedIn has recently improved the redesigned version of the Pulse news reader app.  Continue reading →


The success of a website depends on how popular it is. One way you can improve your website is to provide the right tools for users to easily share articles, blogs and even other page content.  Continue reading →

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