A forecast by Cisco states that 80% of all internet traffic will come from videos in 2019. In 2019 (or even sooner) you are likely to watch a video talking about content marketing for Youtube than reading it in blog format.  Continue reading →

Content Marketing for Pinterest

Pinterest, since launching in March 2010, has steadily grown its loyal following. Pinterest’s success has led many companies to invest their time and resources in this fast growing social media channel. Let’s take a look at how Pinterest can be used by small businesses for content marketing.  Continue reading →

Content Marketing for Linkedin

Linkedin is one of the most important social media channels for businesses. The channel is a hub for like-minded professionals to exchange ideas, get answers and form business connections. However, you will be surprised at how many companies overlook Linkedin as a content marketing opportunity.  Continue reading →

In a study conducted by Forrester in 2014, it has been found that Instagram delivered more engagement than Facebook and Twitter. Top brands on Instagram were able to get 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more per follower compared to Twitter. A picture does really say more than a thousand words.  Continue reading →

Why are companies moving away from Facebook?  Continue reading →

Twitter is one of the social media platforms that businesses and customers are flocking to. It’s a fast and easy to use platform that is suitable for real-time conversations. In this digital era, if you have a business, you should be on Twitter and you need a clear content marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at how you can build a content marketing on Twitter and how it helps your business.  Continue reading →

Recently, I came across a photo of green tea macarons on my feed. The carefully crafted image looked good enough to click. The link leads to a website with the complete how to and a complete list of ingredients including where to purchase Macha (green tea) powder. This is what the journey from my newsfeed to the website has told me:  Continue reading →

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