If you’ve ever been put on the spot and asked what you do, or you’ve actually been in that elevator on the way up to be confronted by a potential customer, if you weren't prepared you either blew it or you possibly didn’t say anything at all. Do you have an elevator pitch?  Continue reading →

As an entrepreneur you’re looking to be a master of your schedule so you can free up time to do the things you love in life. Whether that’s spending time with your family or friends, doing a hobby, traveling or if you’re like me surfing!  Continue reading →

With more than 300 million users on twitter the chances are your customers are going to be on this fast paced, micro blogging style channel. If you’ve been paying any attention Twitter is investing heavily in the development of the channel and it's adapting to the market.  Continue reading →

 What inspires leadership in others? Is there a recipe to create leaders or are people simply born leaders? From experience leaders learn to lead, from family, past experience, as they follow others they learn from and great leaders pass on better traits to those that interact with. While some may posses natural born leadership skills, most have to work at being a better leader every day.  Continue reading →

Most companies we talk to about outsourcing to the Philippines generally think Virtual Assistant first. They start with the idea that maybe they could free up more time if they added a VA. The term VA is a terribly bad representation of what an actual assistant does and is capable of.  Continue reading →

A little over 12 months ago we had no social media accounts. That’s when we decided as an agency that being a social media driven company was right for us. Why? In the BPO space where traditional companies are focused on voice, there are opportunities to pioneer the field and deliver new exciting services for small businesses.  Continue reading →

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit then you’re likely thinking about starting a business or you’re already putting your plans into effect to get your business startup off the ground. All startup businesses require a great deal of planning, from idea to market, to profitability.  Continue reading →

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