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What is a payment gateway? A payment gateway is the processing function required to process an online payment and is needed for any online business to be able to process payments securely. The Adobe Business Catalyst system comes standard with a range of gateway options pre-built and ready to set up for your online business.

How does a payment gateway work?

The simplest explanation is the code attached to a checkout process at the payment stage where a customer is entering credit card and other personal details is generally attached to a service provided either by a bank or a third party service provider.

Third party providers and banks have generally built a secure method for a transfer to be made upon a client accepting the terms and conditions of ordering a product on your site.

Can I set this up myself

The good thing about Adobe Business Catalyst is that most of the steps are pretty straight forward for most functions and the payment gateway setup is really pretty easy too. In three easy steps you can add the payment gateway of choice to start accepting payments. All you need is your preferred payment gateway account details and then you can step through the process inside the BC system.

What payment gateway options are available

All your standard payment gateway providers like Paypal, Payment Express, Beanstream, Secure Pay, eWAY, moneris and more. There are almost 30 payment gateway provider options in this system. For Australian small business even NAB have an option.

Which payment gateway is the best

Choosing a payment gateway is a matter of choice. If you located in Australia we recommend you use the eWAY system for two reasons. The support services are excellent and they are a local provider. If you’re located in the US then Paypal Pro is a good choice to accept credit cards, the customer would be redirected to the PayPal site to process the payment. The fee structures are very competitive making the choice a personal preference to location and support backing.

Can I take payments without a payment provider

Yes. You can take payments via the adobe business catalyst web system without a third party provider and process payments manually. If you’re using a product from Commonwealth Bank like BPoint to process credit cards manually then you can enable the system to capture customer payment information and then process the payment manually. This method is of course less secure and is open to user error input, while still effective, it’s less efficient and doesn’t always provide customer with the surety that their credit card details are safe.

A few considerations is that you must have your site upgraded to eCommerce hosting before you start setting up the gateway. You can also only use one payment gateway on the site.

For setting up your payment gateway you can watch this useful video to adjust your shipping and payment gateway options:

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