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 When you have a bad case of writer’s block and you're looking for new inspirations for a new post, which can be hard to come by for even seasoned writers. Here are some steps you can take that may inspire ideas for your next blog post. 

Take a break and walk

Creative people, writers included, often have short attention spans. They need to take little breaks from time to time to recharge, especially after an intense hour of nonstop writing. When taking a break, try and take a short walk. Some time away from your desk can do you a whole lot of good. Take in the scenery around you and observe people. This simple act of observing things while walking can often trigger “Eureka! Moments”.   You can use these as inspiration for your next post. Don’t forget to bring a notebook and pen so you can jot down your idea before you forget it. You can also save it as a note on your mobile device. 

Browse other blogs

Reading other people’s blogs is a good way to find out what others are writing about. From those trending topics, you can take one and put your own interesting spin on it. Think about which angles haven’t been explored yet or how you can make that topic more interesting for your readers. Apart from blogs, you can also go over books, movies or other things that interest you and compile them in a “top ten list” for example. Since list type posts are becoming more generic, find a unique angle to make yours stand out. 

Utilize headline generators

Headline generators are a very handy tool when you’re trying to figure what you should write about next. In this blog topic generator, all you need to do is enter a keyword and describe what the keyword is--if it is an industry, location, etc. It then generates 5 potential blog post titles for you to choose from. If they sound too generic for you, try portent’s content idea generator, a quirky title maker that sometimes generates silly ideas that makes little sense but makes you think about how to make these titles sound better. 

Comb through blog comments

Combing through blog comments can often prove to be a treasure trove of ideas. From here you can pick up commonly asked questions, people’s perception and misconceptions about issues, and so many other things that will give you insight on what people want to know and read about. In your next blog post, you can write an answer to a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) or summarize all insights that other bloggers may have shared on the comments section. You might even find a fellow blogger that you would want to invite for a guest post. 

Idea Diary

Ideas often appear when you least expect them like when you’re doing your business in the toilet or when you’re talking a walk during break time. And just like lightning, they rarely strike in the same place twice. This is why it is important to have an idea diary at hand for the most unexpected times when inspiration strikes. Jot down these brilliant ideas so you won’t forget them. An idea diary can be a small portable notebook that can fit inside your bag or pocket. Or if you prefer to go digital, you can save your ideas in your phone as drafts. 


If you don’t feel inspired by the concepts you’ve written in your idea diary, you can explore them another time. Perhaps you’ll find more inspiration by browsing through certain keywords. Choose keywords that are relevant your niche and this will help you narrow down the range of topics that you can write about. Once you have your abbreviated list of keywords, it is easier for you to create an initial outline for a list type article for example,and group the keywords that can be used within your blog post. 

Interview Other Experts/Industry Leaders/Influencers

If you feel that you’ve been focusing too much on keywords for your articles, a great idea for your next blog post would be to interview other experts in your niche. Interviews offer a refreshing alternative to other typical posts and at the same time offer value to your readers with new insights on a particular industry. Experts can also share sound advice by sharing both success and fail stories that can inspire those who are on the same path. 

Writer’s block is often just a state of mind. These blog inspirations should be proof that there are really almost limitless things you can write about. Do you have other suggestions you want to share that you think should be on this list?

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