Best 20 Christmas Boards on Pinterest Part 2

With Christmas parties everywhere and the holidays only a few days away, we can’t help but feel festive. And since we’re crazy about Pinterest, we’ve decided to put together a list of the best Christmas-themed boards to follow, just in case you’re not yet filled with holiday cheer. Be ready to get inspired!

Part 2 of 2 our top 10 Christmas Boards - Go to Part 1 here if you missed it!

The count down continues and we hope to hear which boards you like the most! 

10. Christmas cakes

Follow alejandra hernandez guzman's board Christmas cakes on Pinterest.
Not really sure how you want your Christmas cake to look? Worry no more. This Christmas cake board by Alejandra Hernandez Guzman presents a collection of cute and festive cakes for the holiday season. Finding inspiration for a snowman cake? a santa cake? a gift cake? a nativity cake? It’s all here.

9. Christmas food

Follow Marie Helen's board Christmas Food on Pinterest. Aside from Christmas cakes and other sweets, you might want to look at this Christmas food board by Marie Helen. You’ll find holiday appetiser ideas, as well as dinner and lunch recipes. This board will give you ideas on how to cook up a feast!

8. Christmas pets

Follow Connie's board Christmas Pets on Pinterest. Aren’t these pets the cutest?! This board by Connie shows us incredibly adorable photos of dogs, cats, horses and rabbits with christmas hats, antlers, presents, and lights. There’s even one photo of a cat in an angel costume! Feel free to say “awww” loudly.

7. Elf on the shelf

Follow Crystal Ouellette's board Elf on the Shelf on Pinterest. Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas story written in rhyme that tells about scout elves visiting children between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve to be Santa’s eyes and ears. Crystal Ouellette’s Elf on the Shelf Pinterest board showcases colorful, fun, and creative ideas on how and where to put the pixie elf each night.

6. Gift wrapping

Follow Michaels Stores's board Gift Wrapping on Pinterest. Add a personal touch to Christmas gifts by wrapping them with clever DIY ideas. Follow craft retailer Michaels Stores gift wrapping board for suggestions regarding festive yet simple beautifully packaged presents. Whether for gifts stacked under the tree or presented to someone special, these creative tips and tricks are sure to impress.

5. Christmas cards

Follow Raquel Del Pozo's board ❆ CHRISTMAS ❆ - cards on Pinterest. Sending christmas cards is one method to express care and love. This board by Raquel Del Pozo shares almost a thousand examples of astonishingly creative Christmas card designs to inspire you and create you own design. We like this board because they don’t only feature 2D cards, they present eye-popping 3D ones! 

4. Christmas lights

Follow Michi ek's board Christmas Lights on Pinterest.
Twinkly lights are sure to illuminate your holiday spirit! This board by Michi Ek shows how Christmas lights add flair to the roof lines and walkways of the home. It also mesmerises us with beautiful outdoor trees and decors wrapped with lights.

3. Christmas table setting

Follow Valentina Pinca's board Christmas Table Setting on Pinterest. When hosting get-togethers for family and friends, having a tasteful holiday table setting never fails to impress. This board by Valentina Pinca shows us napkin folding ideas, plate styling techniques and other decorations to make your dining table sparkle. 

2. Christmas: bulletin boards and classroom decor

Follow Brenda Potter's board Christmas: Bulletin Boards & Classroom Decor on Pinterest. Teachers and moms would gets loads of inspiration from Brenda Potter’s Christmas classroom decor board. Her pins offer easy and creative ideas that can be crafted both by child and teacher, making holiday decorating a fun and fulfilling experience. 

1. Santa Claus

Follow Darla Dawn Oliver's board Santa Claus on Pinterest. “He had a broad face and a little round belly, that shook when he laughed, like a bowl full of jelly.” Yes, that’s Santa! If there was one person every little kid would remember during Christmas time, it would be Santa Claus. This board by Darla Dawn Oliver showcases the different representations of good ol Santa. 

Christmas Pinner

Most pinners only have boards related to a Christmas theme, but this one has a whole account dedicated to the season. In the tradition of Christmas and giving here's one more board to add to your stocking!

Lolly Christmas

Visit Lolly Christmas's profile on Pinterest. Lolly Christmas shows us how everyday can become Christmas. We love how she carefully categorised her boards, complete with cohesive board cover images explaining what exactly the boards are about. Her pins are also very festive and inspiring, you’d almost want to start decorating right away.

Hopefully this list will give you all the inspiration you’ll need to make this holiday season a very festive and memorable one. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from the Team at Transeo. 

Pop us a quote in the comments section and let us know which board is your favourite?

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