Are your sales on the road to success?

As a business owner and entrepreneur building a small business using Social Media I discovered that the sales processes were very different from the traditional sales methods, like cold calling and face to face meetings, to building inbound opportunities that Social Media offered.

So how do you intersect traditional sales with social media sales? Depending on your product or service you may have to wait to use social media as ROIs can be very low if you're starting out, and you need sales. When you're first starting a business or developing a new product, many of the old traditional methods still stand tall and produce the results you need to take your products and services from theory to something customers seek you out to buy. That's where the social media comes in, down the track. 

What I've learnt over the past 20 years in sales is, i
t takes hard work, an understanding of your target audience, a comprehensive sales plan, possibly some clever (low budget) humorous marketing, some budget for marketing and sales acquisition (of which most startups lack) and closing experience. The ability to find and meet with your potential prospects and then the courage to ask them to buy what you're selling. These all play pivotal roles in the process.

What tends to be missing from most sales plans is the actual sales plan itself and how to analyse if the sales plan is working. What are the steps you're going to take to get your sales plan going? 
Together with our experienced sales team we’ve built a series of sales process and selling related blogs, we’ll outline in this first Blog Series how these essential concepts can assist any sales process.

This series has been created with the startup B2B entrepreneur in mind and is titled: "A Call to Action".

The series includes 6 titles:

Part 1: Are your sales on the road to success? (our first blog!)

Part 2: Generate more sales - getting started

Part 3: Are your sales leads turning up gold?

Part 4: Use telemarketing effectively for more sales

Part 5: 7 key sales pipelines to grow your business

Part 6: 9 ways to grow sales fast

A Call to Action: This series will cover transforming your sales processes, prepare you to build a leads program, develop email marketing campaigns, create pipelines and offer a few tips for growing your sales. We'll include ways you can include and use social media along the way to boost your sales success. While you can support your lead campaigns and lead generation with quality telemarketing, you can create quality social campaigns that over the long run will provide you with a lasting inbound lead generation program. Finally Identifying your key pipelines and their true values and then lastly growing your business with some key methods and good old fashioned hard work.

Any start up business owner knows that new sales are more important than the idea, the people, the service, the margins and the profit projections. Without new sales generally most businesses will run out of money and fast. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 3 out 5 businesses don’t make it through their first year. That’s a really high number and year two isn’t much better. Having a great idea won’t mean much if you’re not selling.

Having a sales plan is the first step to ensuring you can set achievable goals to reach your "break-even" sales numbers. You'll need to calculate the margins and associated costs for the average of each sale you make so that you can calculate the "keep-the-doors-open" rate. Once you know your "break-even" sales figures and you're confident you can meet those monthly targets, before you run out of money, then its time to get started.

To land your first sale you're going to need to generate a hook and a product tag line for your MBP, "Minimal Buyable Product". The "Hook" is possibly a catchy phrase, but it is certainly a genuine reason why you can open the discussions with your potential customers. What is the best hook for your product or service? What is your point of difference to your competitors? How do you aim to ensure your customer knows that what you are offering is something that they really should be considering for their business? 

When you start to understand your market-place and where your targets customers are, then its up to you to start testing your "hook", engaging in the pre-sales plan to help polish your sales process and determine if your hook, and then your offer, is going to meet your expected customer needs and ultimately lead to the sales numbers you're projecting. 

A key component is
 importantly always be testing your message, keep working your message through a series of split tests, gauging the feedback and input from your prospects and new customers about your message and overall product. Before you move from your MBP to a complete product, take the product through as many changes, updates and improvements as you can to keep the costs of your product or service development down. You wont really want to put a lot of effort into a product that customers might not want. Test, trial, gain feedback, learn so you don't waste resources on the early stage product or service.

Ask yourself this question: “Why should this business or person buy from us”? Know your prospects intimately and learn how to dollarise your value proposition to out perform your competition.

We will cover dollarising your offer and showing your prospects the money in a future blog, for now the simple approach is "what does your customer want and need"? Then "show them the money", always sell the dollars in your offer.

Here’s Our Call To Action: Contact one of our experienced sales agents today with a request to receive a FREE Sales Plan. If you can outline your product or service, the challenge you have or a solution you are searching for, then we’ll put our team to the test of delivering a useful plan for you. You can send your sales plan request to or you can leave us a comment below and we'll offer you more sales insights right here live.

All the best and Good selling out there!
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