Are Your Leads Turning Up Gold?

Where are all the good leads? You’ve probably heard the saying “These leads are no good”? Most likely shouted across the sales floor by a sales guy that hasn’t closed an account in months, right? You may have even seen the great Sales "hot-shot" scene in the movie "Glengarry, Glen Ross."

If you haven't you should, as just about every new business development manager has probably seen this movie or at least the scene with the "hot-shot" sales guy Blake aka Alec Baldwin. I remember seeing that movie when I was having a tough time selling, and the part where Blake says "Sales, huh, yeah tough racket that" made me commit to always finding a way to generate the quality leads. The Glengarry leads!

Lead generation plays a pivotal role in the sales process. In times gone by we used to pick up the big yellow book (the yellow pages) open up to a section and start calling from the top on down, I know I have before, have you? After about 2 or maybe 3 days of cold calling with no appointments and no leads we realise that the Industry was not really that interested in the product or service we have or that territory was being dominated by some other sales guy at the company, but no-one told you they had the good leads. Or worse a competitor company that's 10 times your size and has been operating for 20 years is dominating your section of the yellow pages and they have all of the customers.

Lead generation takes on many forms these days and depends what business you are in. How many times Ive heard business owners tell me "we grow through referrals only", we don't require any new business, only to find out later that the company has gone out of business.

There are really only 3 reasons a customer buys a product or service.

1. To fix a problem; or
2. To feel good about themselves; and
3. A combination of the two.

Few start up companies I've ever talked to have a clear lead generation plan let alone a sales funnel. That means they have outlined how each of the lead generation options that can work for them and what the possible returns might be. Below are the 15 lead generation options for you to consider which ones and combinations best suit your business.

15 Lead generation options:

1. Direct marketing 
2. Email marketing
3. Fax marketing
4. SMS marketing
5. Organic Search 
6. Blogging
7. Advertising (PPC)
8. Inbound calls
9. Outbound calls
10. Social Media
11. Webinars
12. Referrals
13. Networking
14. Conferences, Events, shows
15. Speaking Engagements 

Building a dedicated tailor made lead program will make all the difference to your sales growth and will turn your junk leads to gold. How do you assess where a lead is and if its gold. You'll need to construct a sales funnel and place your prospects into the funnel in its various stages. You can then work out from there which Lead Channels produce more gold than the others. The sales funnel might consist of as many stages as you feel makes sense to your evaluations of your prospects and how they progress through the funnel.

1. Prospecting
2. Initial Engagement
3. Evaluation 
4. Comparison
5. Detailed Discovery
6. Buying Questions
7. Pricing Reviews
8. Contract Options

Here’s some additional insights you might consider:

• Determine your target markets, the scope, size and geographic locations
• Consider splitting your territories into zones using council perimeters
• Generate and calculate costs and possible returns from a series of lead generation methods
• Have a specific “Call to Action” to gauge responses and try a few different ones
• Test your product or service in small quantities to start before increasing the program
• Keep check of how your sales forecasts are going against your lead programs you are running
• Offer Specials or Added Value Propositions periodically to find buyers in the purchasing mode
• Use money back guarantees to overcome lack of testimonials or references

A Call to Action: Without any question the internet and search engines are dominating the new lead generation programs, you’ll either need a completely well built website or you’ll need deep pockets to operate on the pay per click model that brings in those “hot leads”. The general rule in sales is if you’re selling they’re not buying, so you’ll need to consider alternate approaches. When you’re looking for new sales fast the most cost effective approach and probably the easiest method would be to develop a targeted lead base and get in touch with them via a flyer or other economical marketing piece.

Flyers are as old as paper and as far as bang for buck, they’re hard to beat. Only email marketing is less expensive and can produce faster results due to scaling then any other method. When you develop a clear message, target a certain lead base and closely gauge the response. You can identify which lead channels might prove to be beneficial and which ones to avoid. Though in the grand scheme of maximising your potential opportunities, building several channels will improve your outcomes in the long run.

You’ll need to give a clear “Call to Action” so that your potential customers pick up the phone, email you or fax that flyer back. Try creating a clever fax back flyer that asks a few questions, prospects like to engage softly at first. You most likely will have to deliver these yourself too, so be prepared to close if you’re asked what the flyer is all about.

Once you receive some feedback on your offer then you can determine how effective email marketing campaigns could work for that similar market segment with a similar message. Creating leads that turn up gold takes work, hard work, and initially the better you know the persona of your buyers the more chance you'll be able to open the lead channels to meet up with that buyer. 

In a following series we’ll then show you how to use telemarketing effectively to close more sales and support a direct marketing campaign. You can follow up on your flyers or a clever marketing piece you might have mailed and it won’t be such a cold call any longer.

Here’s Our Call To Action: If your company would like to build a lead program that turns up gold. Why not contact one of our experienced sales agents. We can offer you a FREE CONSULTATION and provide you more insights on how to build your lead lists. Better still we can GIVE YOU A LEAD LIST FOR FREE! 

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