9 Keys To Fast Sales Growth

Series: A Call to Action - Part 6 of 6 - Welcome back to the final issue in the series “A Call To Action”. We hope you've found the series of some benefit to date and that your sales are headed in the right direction.

In the first 5 issues of the series we outlined a variety of techniques and we covered:

Part 1: Are your sales on the road to success? 

Part 2: Transform your business with more sales

Part 3: Are your sales leads turning up gold?

Part 4: Use telemarketing effectively for more sales

Part 5: 7 key sales pipelines to grow your business

Expanding on these opportunities we’re looking at fast ways to grow your sales. Last issue we touched on the 7 key sales pipelines that can provide you enough channel options to effectively grow your business.

While each of these sales techniques offers you ways to grow your business it doesn’t offer you the insight you might require to actually achieve your goal. Here’s a closer look at a few techniques and methods you can use to grow your sales fast.

1. Use a test drive approach >> did you know more people actually buy a car after they test drive it, then after looking at the colour brochure, you see yourself owning it after you’ve played with it.

2. When offering a test drive get a commitment to buy >> “If you like the test drive would you consider looking at the numbers?”

3. Create a genuine hook for your offer, using 25% off this month alone will not work, customers need to feel engaged in your offering: here’s an example ”while enjoying the country-side drive in your new Rolls Royce imagine what you could do with the 25% saving we’re offering you this month!”

4. Use a competition or a prize giveaway to really boost business fast, like drop your business card in this barrel, or order this month to go into the draw for a free month of pizza. Or subscribe to our newsletter and be in the draw to win a new TV. Or buy one of our new gen products and have a chance to win.

6. With social media you’ll want to post your promotions here also, so followers know to have a look at what you are offering, if you’re running a campaign across a social media channel then make sure you do some re-posting, or retweeting to keep the offer fresh in the live stream.

7. Consider boosting your online sales with an Adwords campaign, its the most cost effective form of advertising. You’ll need to know what your keywords are to effectively drive traffic and then the landing page for this offer needs to be about that offer, not a page that describes all the services you offer.

8. Ensure you have an Analytics Program or Campaign Trackers to gauge how well your doing, there are a number of tools on the market that can assist you to gauge your inbound traffic, or use a code or coupon number for inbound calls or use a special fax back form.

9. A great way to build trust is to try a range of Free Offers or Guarantees. These can help build more trust for your new customers. Send samples (unless they need to be tested), or provide a guarantee.

For small businesses that are seeking a really big boost, offer a special referral program, this provides extra incentive for new customers to recommend your product or service to friend or business colleague.

Here’s Our Call To Action: Pick up the phone today and speak to one of our agents, ask them how you can be in the draw to win a FREE iPad, or how you can engage our services for up to 90 days with a full money back guarantee!

All the best and Good selling out there!
Thanks for reading our "A call to action" series we hope you found this informative.

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