5 Featured Articles entrepreneurs should read this month - October 2015

Everyone has something to say on the world wide web and finding a gem of an article over hordes of blog posts, news stories, and social media posts published each day may prove to be a challenge. Hence, the Transeo editorial team will round up five evergreen articles every last Saturday of the month that are by turns timely and practical for business owners and entrepreneurs.

In this series, we will talk about trends, hacks, and stories that will instantly inspire and drive you to take immediate action in an area of your business or life in general. Below are gems that we thought you might like this month!

Business Not As Usual: The Millennial Social Entrepreneur via Forbes Magazine

Much has been written about the generation born in the 80s and the 90s, aptly termed as the Millennials. Expected to replace Baby Boomers by the time they retire, Millennials are often described as overeducated yet underemployed. As first hand witnesses to the dot-com boom in the 90s, it’s no surprise that millions of Millennials today are challenging the traditional definitions of what it takes to be an entrepreneur. In this article, Baby Boomer Neale Godfrey outlines what makes millennial entrepreneurs different from those those that came before them -- what makes them tick and what doesn’t.

Five Reasons to Practice Mindfulness in an Accelerated World via Virgin Entrepreneur

Sure, it pays to be always a step ahead of your peers and associates, plotting worst case scenarios in your head and coming up with plans B, C and D. But wouldn’t it be wonderful too to simply live in the present - in the here and now? The constant buzz of social media and an increasingly tech-dependent society has made it a challenge though to live in the moment. This article provides five reasons why you should not put off that 10-minute mindfulness meditation you’ve been meaning to do since January. Come on, it’s already October. Do yourself a favor by starting today and saving yourself the embarrassment of adding “do mindful meditation daily” again on your list of resolutions for the next year.

Top 20 Content Marketing Blogs You Should Read Every Day via B2B Marketing Insider You don’t have to follow hundreds of self-proclaimed content strategists in Twitter to find out what’s new in the content marketing arena. Michael Brenner’s list will take you there! This article got published four months ago but it’s a guide you can bookmark and refer back to when you need one.

Five Business Tips to Go from Startup to Grownup via Medium

Startups are sprouting everywhere you look yet 9 out of 10 of these businesses are eventually going to fail. While failure is already a given in the startup culture, Grant Cardone urges those that already made it to stop acting as if they’re a startup. “Keeping a small business in startup mode leaves you standing on the brakes.When you keep telling people you’re just a startup you will never take the massive actions required for massive growth,” writes Cardone. He goes on to provide five actionable steps that will not only help sustain your startup status but catapult it into a business with more than 100 employees two years later.

11 Stats that Show How 3 Billion More People Are About to Join Social Media via the HootSuite Blog

Are you still on the fence about incorporating social media management to your marketing efforts? Before the year ends, 95 percent of the global population is expected to have access to mobile data network. When this happens, this segment of the population will be wired into social media 24/7. If this stat doesn’t convince you, ten more in the article will!

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