5 Featured Articles entrepreneurs should read this month - November 2015

Are you gracefully riding the waves of the Internet or do you find yourself drowning with massive amounts of information, gasping for breath with the endless online distractions at the end of the day? If it’s the latter, you are likely stumbling around from one Reddit sub to another, mindlessly clicking links of articles that promise value only to find out that it’s just another piece of online trash disguised as a gem wits it’s clickbait titles.

The Transeo editorial team knows exactly where you’re coming from! We’ll help you surf the Internet like a pro as we round up five evergreen posts every last week of the month that are equal parts timely, relevant, and practical for busy entrepreneurs like you. Let’s paddle in, shall we?

What DaVinci Can Teach You About Unlocking Big Data via MarketingMag Australia

If you haven’t noticed (where have you been?!), Big Data is all the rage these days. Sergio Brodsky’s insights are worth the read as he challenges marketers to look beyond the numbers and think like the genius DaVinci -- that humanity precedes and enables utility. What are white papers and statistics for when you strip it off of its humanity?

Success at Work, Failure at Home via Medium

Scott Weiss, currently a venture capitalist for Andreessen Horowitz and former founder and CEO of IronPorch Systems (which CISCO acquired in 2007 for $830 million) paints an honest picture of how his brightest years running a startup turned out to be one of the darkest moments of his family life. This article provides a glimpse into the realities of what entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and founders have to sacrifice to attain the elusive work-life balance. A compelling read particularly for CEOs and founders who are still adamant on whether or not to simultaneously raise children and pursue startups and businesses at the same time.

Top Must-Haves to Drive Customer Experience Forward via Top Tech News

As a bestselling author of two books Think Like Zuck and The Power of Visual Storytelling, Ekaterina Walter reminds us that customer experience is the new marketing battleground. For Walter, it doesn’t just end after the customer makes a purchase but extends further into social media where the customer can either rave or rant about your brand. Apart from encouraging businesses to shift their business-centric focus to a more consumer-centered approach, Walter highlights the need for businesses to move beyond the social engagement part and employ tools to help make sense of the data provided by social media platforms.

What is the Litmus Test for Company Culture via LinkedIn Pulse

In this LinkedIn post, Microsoft’s Patrick Kitchell dissects the steps on how candidates or employees can figure out their company’s culture minus the shock or awe that often comes with it. Hint: It all begins by simply asking- how are people promoted in your company? You might be surprised at the answer! After all, as Kitchell explained, a promotion is a result and all results can be measured.

Dearth of a Salesman: Does Technology Erode Sales Talent via E-Commerce Times

Simply put, technology makes our lives better. In sales, this means marketers are now armed with tools of various calibre to help them engage with prospects and eventually close deals. However, Christopher Bucholtz points out that technology is only part of the solution. People do not buy from technology -- they buy from other people. By and large, Bucholtz emphasized the need to invest not only on the tools and systems needed to boost revenues but also on the human component -- the continuing professional development of your sales crew.

Which articles in the list resonated the most to you? Or would you like to suggest a link for our next batch of featured articles? Share your thoughts below!

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