10 Things Entrepreneurs do on Pinterest

Pinterest is a fast-growing social networking site that works like a virtual bulletin board. It allows users to create, collect, store, and repost all kinds of information they find interesting - photos, links, and videos - by “pinning” them onto a pin board. 

Pinterest for Business

While Pinterest is known to have more female-friendly content (fashion, food, home decor, and wedding ideas), it’s not only for the DIYer or the woman who loves to organise. Experts reveal that this network is also a very valuable tool for entrepreneurs looking to drive traffic to their site and connect with potential customers. 

Pinterest’s visual nature makes it the perfect platform to showcase products and services. Moreover, according to an article on Hubspot, it generates 4 times more money per click than Twitter and 27% more than Facebook, making it a very smart and promising marketing weapon.

Many business owners are already harnessing the power of Pinterest. So how exactly are they doing that? Here are 10 things entrepreneurs do to get the most out of Pinterest.

1. Create content-rich boards around their niche

Pin boards are like photo albums with a single theme. Entrepreneurs create boards that are reflective of their businesses. Normally, they would designate a single board for every topic that represents their company. 

There’s no rule on how many boards your business account should have, but social media experts suggest having at least 8 boards with 9 pins each. Never leave a board empty!

Lastly, when creating boards, make sure to strike a balance. Create boards that are about your business and those that resonate with your target audience. Presenting your products in a day-to-day setting or connecting them to trends is a good strategy. 

Let’s take a look at Starbucks. Their account has a number of business-specific boards that relate specifically to their brand. Yet they also have enough boards that interest their target audience. 

2. Present solutions to a problem

When DIYers are faced with a crafty dilemma, they turn to Pinterest. When a mother doesn’t know what to prepare for her daughter’s party, she checks Pinterest for ideas. When a non-baker wants to know the easiest way to make brownies, he or she browses Pinterest for easy recipes.  

Likewise, when a visually oriented person needs answers about technology, social media, or any other subject, he or she checks infographics on Pinterest.

Entrepreneurs know this, and use it to their advantage. This is technique not only for retailers, but for service providers as well. For instance, Travel Australia with Kids provides solutions by showing users where to bring their kids when traveling.

3. Keep pins creative and inspiring

Thousands of entrepreneurs are on Pinterest, pinning content that represent their business and interest their audience. How does one stand out? 

Like one would on other social networks, make sure that your pins are presented in a very visually appealing way. This would make your followers click on your pin and eventually add traffic to your website.

Dazzle your followers with creativity. Use quotes, how-to images, and other interesting photos. Make it unique and inspiring at the same time.

One tip is to bump up the quality of your photos. Pinterest is, after all, a visual channel. The better the quality of your image, the more attention it will gain. See how Australia’s pins really pop out!

4. Pin multiple types of quality content

Entrepreneurs don’t only pin photos of their products, but also links directed to a podcast, a slideshow, an audio, or a video of one of their events.

Here are some pinning tips to follow:
Pin high-quality, relevant, and useful content
Pin often and consistently rather than occasionally in bulk
Keep cross-pinning to a minimum to avoid spamming your followers
Use tall, eye-catching images as they have more repins and could lead to more traffic to your website
Don’t leave boards empty

5. Optimise pins

Optimisation makes pins easier to search. When uploading original content, use keywords as part of the image’s file name. Keywords should also be put on the pin description, as well as the on the board’s description. Just make sure that they turn out readable, and not spammy.

Successful entrepreneurs on Pinterest also add a link to their site on the pin description. This bumps up your site’s ranking over time. 

Using hashtags is also another way to optimise pins. Just like in Twitter, hashtags are a way to categorise content. Create search-friendly hashtags. 

Lastly, make sure your “Search Privacy” is switched off. Turning it on prevents your profile from appearing on search engines. 

6. Create and contribute to group boards

Group boards get your business noticed on Pinterest. It helps entrepreneurs grow their online audience on exponentially. Here’s an example of a group board by Whole Foods.
Create your own group board. Invite users to join your group board. Ensure the theme of your group board is preserved by only inviting users with relevant pins. When the user accepts your invitation, your group board will then show up on his or her page, allowing anyone to follow it from there. 

Contribute to group boards. On the other hand, when you join group boards and contribute quality content, a large number of followers can become your followers too, if they like what you pin. One tip is to search for popular group boards and spend time building a relationship with the owner. When you establish a relationship, ask to be invited to the group.

7.  Engage audience and build relationships

Building relationships to potential customers is very important. Aside from uploading new photos, spend time engaging other users everyday. Here are a few tips on how to make a connection with your target audience.

Repin, like, and comment on your followers pins, especially if you enjoyed them.
Follow your followers.
Repin industry leaders.
Collaborate with other pinners.
Tag the original pinner when you repin.
Be responsive and mention other users if necessary.
Run a contest directly on your business blog.
Connect your other social media accounts to Pinterest.

Etsy is serious in engaging their audience that they even have Guest Pinner boards.

8. Drive traffic to a business website

Entrepreneurs consider Pinterest a valuable tool in spreading awareness about their brand and generating traffic back to their websites. Some even find Pinterest to be more helpful than Google +, Youtube, and LinkedIn combined.

Aside from pinning visually stimulating images, here’s what you can do to drive more traffic to your business websites.

Ask questions on a pin or board description. The answers to your questions are found in       your business blog.
Add your source URL to the pin description. Don’t use shorteners as Pinterest is blocking these.
Add your business URL to your image. It helps users identify your brand easily.
Tie products and services to trends.
Use rich pins.
Use call-to-action phrases on your pin description.

9. Measure results

Once your website is verified as an official business page on Pinterest, you’ll gain access to the network’s analytics, which will help you measure results. Measuring results is important so that you’ll know what part of your Pinterest strategy is or isn’t working. 

The analytics tool will show how Pinterest is helping your website traffic,  what type of content resonates with your target audience, the performance of your pins, your highest repins, the scope of your reach, the number of visitors you had, and other metrics.

10. Analyse and learn strategies from other pinners 

Entrepreneurs learn a lot on Pinterest. Aside from finding out what their customers enjoy the most, they get to follow other pinners and analyse other businesses’ strategies. They get to see what industry influencers are pinning, and what pins are most popular. 

Learning from power pinners can help entrepreneurs become great at making the most out of Pinterest for their business as well. 

Pinners, whether online retailers or service providers, have already been sharing their Pinterest success stories. If you’re one of them, tell us what strategy worked most for you.

If you’re a newbie on Pinterest, now’s the time to weave your own success story. Do you have a Pinterest question? Let us know in the comments below.

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