10 steps to encourage your employees to use Social Media

Being active in social media can make you feel that you belong, that you’re connected to a cause and that you have a voice. Belongingness is just one of the many factors why social media has made such a great contribution to our world. In this era, there are no limits to socialising, organising, and entertaining.

Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest allow us to do several things for leisure and business.In the business world, social media is a must, as it has simply changed the dynamics on how you can connect and engage with your potential customers. There are different marketing and revenue-generating strategies that social media can help you with. However, when it comes to the use of social media by your employees in the workplace, or even when they are offsite, there may appear a gray area on the scope of what they can and cannot post. It is not just because there is a company policy set in place or the lack of one, but it’s because individuals may generally think that their posts can create a room for scrutiny on how they are viewed on social media by their employers. It makes sense for companies to have policies that protect the business but allow the individual to still be themselves.

The Known Dilemma

Employees browsing their Facebook and Instagram accounts in the office can be considered unprofessional in some aspects, but that of course depends on what kind of business you are running. For some companies, being part of social media is a must for their employees. For others, they have zero tolerance for employees who use these sites during office hours. The reality is that, there is a fine line between one’s professional and personal identities. The question lies on what one can post, who can see it, and what time of the day one can be active on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. The challenge is, how as a business you can use this to your advantage.

Why Social Media is Beneficial for Your Employees

Generally, it is a good thing for your employees to take part in what’s going on online. This makes them socially aware about important events and issues. People tend to express themselves better on Facebook comments. They are also more inclined to share their opinion on important world trends and issues. On the business aspect, many company leaders think this needs more clarity, especially in terms of what can be and cannot be shared on social media. The fact of the matter is that, social media is a trivial part of an individual’s daily life, so if a business simply disregards that it exists, it may make employees do things against company policies. In the end, the business will still get impacted. 
If your business is very sales-driven, brand-conscious, and espouses online marketing, then it’s time to encourage your employees to take part of your campaign by letting them use social media. The key to this goal, is just to create the right strategies, and focus on the essentials.

10 Steps to Encourage Your Employees Use Social Media

1. Create a policy.

Setting parameters and boundaries on the use of social media at work is your foundation to making sure that your employees are aware of how they can take part in promoting the business. Set up guidelines on how they can promote the company on Social Media. 

Provide your employees with lists and alerts on:
• New blogs
• Event announcements
• Product launches
• Milestones in your company or involving employees

Give your employees a list of people and companies who they can follow and share their posts:
• Key influencers in your field
• Affiliate brands

2. Set up a creative team to come up with the official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest pages.

Having a group of people who are tasked to update the company’s activities on social media is like having your very own online publication team. This team can be in-house or outsourced.
When working with an outsourced team for your social media management, maintain at least one key person to relay information and updates to your employees so that they can keep up to date with your company’s social media activities.

3. Educate your employees on Social Media

More than just encouraging your employees to create and own accounts, you can also share articles through work email and  team meetings to share with them best practices on how they can purposefully use social media for their benefit and for the company. Social media involvement should be on each of your team’s goals.

4. Request your employees like the official pages, and share it to their network.

This will automatically promote your business in hundreds or thousands of their networks in just one post.

5. Have your social media dream team come up with monthly or even weekly mini events and contests, which all employees can participate in.

This step will be easier to accomplish when you have set clear policies, and have shared social media knowledge to your employees. This will get them more involved with the company’s campaign and ongoing projects. Set achievable goals (such as a target number of Twitter followers) and actionable plans (e.g. placing a block of time on their weekly calendar for social media activities) for employees to follow. 

6. Once your social media team has come up with regular assignments and events, then it’s time to include and engage the rest of the company. 

This is still, of course, subject to approval and vetting from the team and its leaders. The main goal is to get everyone involved. It can be photos, videos, or articles that promote the business and the business’ social events that involve the employees.

7. Encourage your employees to plan their social media posts and activities on a weekly basis. 

Create an easy spreadsheet for them to plan their social media posts on. You can also encourage them to use social media management tools such as Sprout Social or Tweetdeck to pre-schedule posts and manage their accounts. 

8. Encourage freedom of expression and a friendly atmosphere in the office.

This is how you can show your employees that fun is not something that only exists in the virtual world. By coming up with events in the actual office to be shared on social media, it is easier to get the employees to tag, comment, and share photos.

9. Recruit new people to be part of your social media dream team.

Make this aspect of your business as something that your employees can opt and shoot for. After all, you’ve already established that this is where they can have fun and be themselves.

10. Be dynamic.

Employees like to stay in a company that keeps up with the times, yet still stay true to their mission, vision, values and goals. Business and social media are both constantly evolving industries. The key to keeping up is to continue learning new trends and look out for how the companies and influencers in your field are using social media.

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