10 Reasons You should be Writing an eBook Now

An eBook is a content asset that every online business or small business owner should invest in. Some business owners may be hesitant to write an eBook saying ‘I’m not a writer’ or ‘ I don’t have time to do it’. eBooks need not to be long and they also don’t need to consist of purely text. Also, with the right talents and resources, you can have your eBook written and put together for you. 

We have recently published an eBook. You can download ‘The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Twitter’ hereHere are the ways we have found that writing an eBook can benefit your business.

Low Cost

To traditionally publish a book costs money - from printing to warehousing to distribution. An eBook on the other hand can cost virtually nothing to produce especially if you write it yourself. There are plenty of available free tools that you can find online that can help you with formats and designs. Distribution of eBooks is affordable too. eBooks are easily displayed through major digital book retailers, on your website or delivered through email.

eBooks can be short (or as long as it needs to be)

Many small business owners hesitate to produce content for their customers because they are not writers. With eBooks, you do not need to write hundreds of pages. Customers appreciate eBooks that are short and concise eBooks. eBooks are not confined to page number requirements unlike their paperback counterparts. If your eBook is only 10 pages long, then so be it.

eBook is a preferred format

The growing number of Kindle and iPad users with those who read on their PC or mobile phones, make ebooks one of the most preferred format for consuming information. Mobile formats are can easily be taken anywhere. While it is good to carry a book or two with you, it can be cumbersome to bring more than that. With ebooks, you can carry an entire library on your phone, kindle, laptop or kindle.

Lifetime asset

The beauty of having ebooks from your company is that you can publish it now and use it for many years or for multiple purposes. Depending on the size and complexity of the design, a company invests a few hundred dollars on building an eBook. The possibilities of what it gives you in return in terms of subscriptions, leads and ultimately sales are endless. 

Become an expert/ thought leader in your niche

Write about what you know. You will not have a chance to demonstrate your expertise better than in a book. You can only talk to your peers or prospective clients for a set number of minutes, tweet up to 140 characters, post a Facebook status not longer than what the normal attention span would allow, you have more space to build on a certain topic inside a book. Writing an eBook allows you to elaborate on a topic that is valuable to your niche or industry. 

Grow your prospect list/ lead base

When writing an eBook, you are speaking to people who are interested in the same industry or niche as you. When people download eBooks, it is because they are interested in the topic or are looking to learn about it. Placing a subscription box on your blog allows you to capture individuals who are interested in what you do. These individuals are your potential prospects.

Educate your lead base

ebooks are a way of demonstrating your company’s capabilities. When you write about something that is in the area of your expertise, you are not only showing your prospects what you can do, you are also letting them know that you can do it for them. When you present solutions to your readers, you will be the first on their minds once they have problems.

Increase traffic to your website

If you have a blog for your business (and you should have one), schedule a content stream to build up your eBook.   This gives you the opportunity to use keywords and key phrases that are relevant to your industry.
Another way to use your eBook on your blog is to divide it up into smaller sections or more specific topics.  This can be published over the course of weeks or months. When doing this, make sure to place a link that directs your readers to the landing page of your eBook for easy download.

eBooks are shareable

eBooks are great content assets because they are shareable. One way to promote an eBook is to share it to different social media networking sites. Doing this increases your brands exposure.  The link to your eBook’s landing page can be shared by your followers thereby exposing your company and brand to their followers.

Can be used for internal training

Maximise your eBook by using it as a training tool for your staff. You have already laid out your knowledge and expert opinion on your book; it will benefit your current employees and new staff.

We have recently published an eBook.
You can download ‘The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Twitter’ here.

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